Changed Lives – Baptizing Joanne

by Kim Berg, Pastor of the Highline Seventh-day Adventist Church

The people that have attended the revelation seminars over the last several years have been searching for a deeper understanding of the Bible. They seem to be trying to understand their purpose in the grand scheme of things. They have not been satisfied with a superficial answer to the state of things apart from their involvement. They seem to sense that they are involved at a more personal level. Joanne was one of those people who came with a desire to see what it was all about and she wanted to know how she fit in.

She attended almost every night. She is a caregiver and was not always able to get to the meetings. She always let me know when she would not be able to come and she put in her order for the handouts and presentation notes for each night. She began studying with one of the members of the church. She would not move on to the next topic until she understood the current subject to her satisfaction. She didn’t accept anyone’s word for it. She wanted to see it for herself in the Bible. She was on a mission.

She continued to study for the next three months. There were times I wasn’t sure how things would turn out. The discussions at those studies could become quite animated when she struggled to put the meaning of the Bible texts in a language that made sense to her.

She persevered and one day came to me and said she would be ready to be baptized. She was sure it was time. I wasn’t sure how clearly she might understand. We sat down for what I thought would be the first of several meetings. In less than an hour, she clearly demonstrated that she understood what had been presented at the meetings and in the Bible studies. She comes to church every Sabbath and looks forward to fellowship and sharing her faith with others.

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