Momentum – The Evil One Attacks, Blessings Still Abound

by Cristian Bobocea, Pastor of the Shelton Seventh-day Adventist Church

It’s been more than two years since we last had a public evangelistic series in our church.

We have two major ministries that we support, a school and a daycare, and for a rather small church membership, this is a large undertaking putting a strain on both human and financial resources. However, the church board members decided to step out in faith and invest in a Bible Prophecy seminar. And praise the Lord, He answers the prayers of the faithful ones! At the end of the meetings, five new members have been added to the church family!

Since the beginning, when thousands of the advertising brochures were sent in the mail boxes, one could perceive that the evil one doesn’t want this kind of thing to happen. Even though we contracted to cover the whole area in a mass mailing, not all neighborhoods in town received the pamphlet. It remains a mystery how and why this has happened, but we trust God that those who have been overlooked now, He will reach them later, in other ways.

Before the meetings started and all through the time they lasted, a group of faithful members had been praying. The Lord blessed their efforts with a good group of non-members consistently coming to the meetings. The Spirit filled Bible prophecies impressed their hearts and minds. Many had questions and were interested in knowing more. A couple of them are still coming to our church meetings, both on Sabbath and during the week.

The Bible prophecy series culminated with a beautiful baptism ceremony, on the last Sabbath. Four people that attended the meetings decided to renew their lives making a new covenant with Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. A fifth person, previously baptized in an evangelical church, joined the Adventist church through profession of faith. Looking at the way He works in our lives, we praise the Lord for His never ending mercies and blessings that He pours upon His people who follow Him in faith!

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