Changed Lives – Profound Meaning

by Sergei Kuzmin, Pastor of Russian-Ukrainian Seventh-day Adventist Church

Not a lot of Russian speaking people, who live around our Church area, know about the Revelation prophesies. At the same time our own youngsters have a limited knowledge about the last time events before The Second Coming of Jesus.

The Revelation Series we provided attracted some people from Baptist and Pentecostal Churches and became a first step for them to get go know the Biblical truth in the context of Revelation and Book of Daniel’s prophesies.

After the series, 7 young people were baptized. Vasily was one of them. He told his story about how Jesus revealed the Biblical truth to him. His life was not satisfying for him and he wanted to be better. He tried by using his own power, but all was in vain. He started to pray and to read the Bible, then suddenly he notice he was getting better and better, and it was happening not just by chance, but by the power of Jesus. He started to pray more and to read the Bible more and each day more good results were happening.

He said: “my heart was full of happiness because of the love Christ gave. I made the decision to live for Jesus. That decision really impacted me because before, I was somewhat selfish and made choices I regret. But I wasn’t baptized and was thinking that it was sufficient just to be a good Christian. But when I started to go to the “Unhidden Mysteries of Revelation” seminar, I was able to get to know the profound meaning of Revelation, especially the last time events which are going to come. I began to realize that we are living in the last days, and there is not much time to delay with baptism. After baptism Jesus helped me to make better choices and live my life for Him, not for me. I pray often to God and read my Bible more.”

His mother is not a Church member. She was attending the seminar along with her son. When she watched Vasily’s baptism, she was so thankful to the Lord, who gave wisdom to her son to make the decision to follow Jesus. They prayed and had serious conversations in their family. Vasily asked her about his decision, and all his family were very happy about it.

When I asked Vasily’s mother about what kind of impact she received after her son’s baptism she replied: “I am thinking over the decision to be baptized soon.”

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