Why Not Try This? – 3 Words Every Leader Hates

Source: NAD Ministerial

There are three words every successful leader is destined to hear.

They represent the nameless, faceless opposition that can distract, depress or demoralize you if you’re not careful. And those three words are:

“People are saying.”

These words follow successful leaders because they are generally the result of movement and change. They are like a sniper’s bullet. Difficult to trace, but impossible to ignore.

To be clear, not all change is good change. That is something I address in my blog The First Thing Every Leader Should Do. The answer is nothing. Do nothing but listen and learn.  But after you’ve listened and learned it’s time to move. And when you move there will always be those who are reluctant to move with you or the program.

Unfortunately, few detractors these days seem interested in attaching their names to criticism, especially in the church. So they find ways to make their concerns known to a third party. The infamous “unnamed source.”

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