Momentum – Win Souls, Be Wise (Proverbs 11:30)

by Viorel Negoi, Pastor of the Grandview Seventh-day Adventist Church

The Grandview SDA Church has strong leaders and friendly members. They network with each other throughout the week. Also, every child, youth, or adult who attends this church is very much appreciated. Representatives of various age groups, ethnic backgrounds, and social statuses are the strength of our membership. Furthermore the neighboring community recognizes the hospitality of our local church for helping struggling families with work on the farm, finances to pursue Christian education, finding jobs, overcoming drug addiction, and getting food.

There is something to do for every member of our small congregation. Everybody is encouraged to participate in an uplifting Sabbath worship service, to enjoy monthly vespers and gym night games, summer outdoor church, camping, and nature walks. An intentional caring ministry is extended weekly to friends through the Grandview Adventist Junior Academy and Food Bank.

Constant outreach efforts by pastor, church leaders, and members focus on reclaiming three families of missing members, several former Adventists and non-Adventist graduates of GAJA. Church members are great in witnessing to their relatives and friends. At our prophecy seminar more than 30 visitors attended the presentations. Three young people were baptized, and two adults were re-baptized. All member involvement, or friendship evangelism, and felt-need ministry, are key factors in retaining visitors.

We are committed to continue a healthy relationship with the surrounding SDA congregations. In the past, significant support was provided by church leaders and members to help raise the Spanish work in Grandview and Sunnyside and the same continues today in making sure that both the English and Spanish work expand. There is a healthy relationship between members of the English and Spanish congregations on a weekly basis. There is also a strong bond with both Prosser and Sunnyside congregations at the Food Banks in operating facilities of and presence at school events, gym activities, and in conducting prophecy seminars.


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