Changed Lives – Relation Based Evangelism

by Steve Rogers, Pastor of the Weippe Seventh-day Adventist Church

My wife and I team taught a full message relation-based series in Weippe, Idaho. In a community of 400, we had a total of 7 visitors attend the meetings. 5 of the visitors have attended church and one of them (Shirley) has requested to join our church. Shirley is still struggling with an addiction and knows she needs to quit. We believe that she will have the victory and join in the new year.

Jack was a part of our pre-work. He requested Bible studies as a result of our mailing, but never attended the meetings. A church elder has since been giving him Bible studies and Jack attended church declaring that he believes in the Sabbath, PRAISE THE LORD! We look forward to what God will do in his life.

Tressa, Mollie and David are three other individuals that attended the meetings and have expressed interest in, or are taking, Bible studies. Tressa and David both came from personal invitations and Mollie from the mailing. There are also two other ladies who responded to the mailing and have taken the first lesson, of which follow-up is in progress. One of these ladies for sure would like to study, and the status of the other we will find out when we visit next.

Our follow-up goal is to continue working with these interests and to help them make decisions that will lead to Christ and to baptism. We are trying hard to grow our little church in Weippe, Idaho.

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