Momentum – We Love Baptismal Sabbaths!

by Scott Tyman, Pastor of the Tacoma Central Seventh-day Adventist Church

After a month long seminar with Shawn Boonstra and his Voice of Prophecy (VOP) team, I decided to have a follow up prophecy series at our local church. Tacoma Central has a history of doing at least two evangelistic meetings a year for nearly 12 years. We have been doing a lot of health outreach, cooking schools, personal studies, community events…etc We had nearly 100 interests to follow up on from the VOP meetings. So we had a number of people we had been working with and hoping to help make decisions.

We decided to do a Prophecy series in a classroom setting, since several people had attended a traditional evangelistic meeting. We sent no fliers or brochures, just letters to our interests. We had somewhere between 20 to 25 attend most of the evenings. We went twice a week for nearly three months. The people who came out to the meetings came from health classes, personal studies, and just few from the VOP meetings. We were certainty thinking there would have been more interests from VOP, but just a few came out.

The prophecy series was a good follow-up as well to the some of the new people who were baptized during the VOP meetings. We roughly had 30 attending. At the conclusion of the meetings we had three make decisions and were baptized and became a part of the church family.

Personal studies have continued to happen with still 20 to 30 interests to follow up on. We are still planning on at least a few more baptismal Sabbaths before the end of the year.


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