Media & Adventist Benefits – Social Media 101

I recently was visiting my sister in New York City and we decided to go to church since she had been looking for a new church family and had not yet found one. I looked up the churches in the area and sent an email to one, asking a question about their service that I couldn’t find on their website. It took them more than a week to respond. By then, it was too late. I was home. This was a missed opportunity for that church and I wonder how many more have missed similar opportunities. A lack of communication is only part of the problem. Does your school, church, or organization have a social media presence? To know more about equipping yourself or your organization with savvy social media skills, join Jamie Schnieder, Digital Media Strategist for the North American Division, to learn how to maximize your message and your mission on social media platforms. Visit the Adventist Learning Community “Social Media 101” course

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