Momentum – Back Home and Broken Chains

by Francisco Altamirano, Pastor of the Payette Hispanic Seventh-day Adventist Church

Something wonderful that happens when you do evangelism. You always see miracles. When we started our series of evangelism we knew it was an act of faith. That’s what evangelism basically is about. 300 invitations were distributed and we waited the first night to see how God was going to act. It was a blessing to see friends and guests, as well as members, attending the first night. Thank God because his Spirit knows how to move in each heart. That night we saw members who did not attend church anymore come back to the Father’s house.

We praise God for what he was doing from the beginning of the meetings. We also observed a whole family of non-Adventists who had also attended that first night. The nights passed and the decisive issues of doctrines were presented. We saw how God was working in the hearts. Little by little the ex-Adventists were also bringing their children to church, even on Saturdays, and we also saw them pay their tithes to the Lord. From the first time an appeal was made to be baptized, the first to raise their hand were the non-Adventists, showing their willingness to give themselves to Jesus and His church. In addition to them, a single mother who has been struggling with addictions also decided to be baptized. We heard that the Lord was brealcing chains. Thus, on the day of baptism, five precious souls joined the body of Jesus Christ. In addition to a couple of former Adventists back to the flock of Jesus Christ.

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