Momentum – Home Bible Studies

by Fredy Reinosa, Pastor of the Hood River Seventh-day Adventist Church

Our program started in January of this year . We did a week of prayer at the church from and at the end of the week, we made an appeal for people to open their homes to have home Bible studies and invite their friends to meet one day a week for 9 weeks . We had 6 people offer their homes and start Bible studies there. I meet with the leaders of the small groups every other Sunday for training and visit their homes to support and encourage them. Every Sabbath one of the 6 groups share during 10 minutes about how about their week Bible study and invite people to attend. After 9 weeks , we had 2 weeks of reaping and sowing events at the church.

During the weeks leading to the reaping and sowing (we reap from our meetings at the small groups and we sow new interest for continued growing in small groups) event at the church we had several visitors in the 6 different homes. I was leading a group on Wednesday (the elders lead the other groups) and I got to know Victor and his wife Aracely , they are new in the church. They have been in the Hood River Church less than 2 years. Last year they invited a couple (Emma and Alberto) to the church and they were baptized. They always invite friends to church and to the small groups. During the meetings they invited Alberto and Emma’s parents and they also decided to be baptized. We had a total of around 30 visitors and former members who are attending church now and also small groups.

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