Momentum – The Emotionally Healthy Church

by Huascar Rodriguez, Pastor of the Yakima Spanish Seventh-day Adventist Church

The presentation of this series turned out to be impressive for the church and the friends who accompanied us.

In the Christian world, and especially in the Seventh-day Adventist Church, faith has become only an orthodoxy. Where rites, methods and institutions have replaced the experience of faith, the spontaneous expression of a life in Christ, witnessing and Biblical edification that comes as a result of the permanent presence of the Holy Spirit. They have been relegated to a Christianity of forms.

It is suppressed from the spiritual experience, the emotional experience leaving as a result a coldly reasoned theology that in the end does not move people to live the experience of conversion. The apostle Paul defines this process as dead in the letter. 2 Cor. 3:6

When talking about the emotionally healthy church, we reviewed six of the characteristics that an emotionally healthy church possess. These are:

  1. Look under the surface.
  2. Break with the power of the past.
  3. Live with a grieving and emotionally vulnerable attitude.
  4. Accept limitations as a gift.
  5. Accept our hurts and the losses.
  6. Make the incarnational your model for true love.

I do not present here an exposition of the presented topics, I only list them. If someone would like to know more about what each one is about, he can review the book: The Emotionally Healthy Church written by Peter Scazzero and Warren Bird.

The result was amazing to me as a presenter and speaker for our church.

We can see how our emotions and personal experiences affect our faith and impact, in a positive or negative way, the church’s environment.

Many of us, including myself, made the decision to evaluate our life’s processes and ask the Holy Spirit to help us heal and stabilize our emotions.

By contemplating the faith and the Christian life from a realistic perspective, some of the non-Adventist friends who visit the church could see a church with the ability to sincerely admit their shortcomings and initiate the process that will help them change. As a result, some confessed they wanted to be part of such a church.

It was a very enriching experience and I am happy to have taken on the challenge of speaking to the church in this series of sermons.

I made the personal commitment to seek an emotionally healthy Christian life.

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