Momentum – The Goal

by Hipolito Morales, Pastor of the Canby Hispanic Seventh-day Adventist Church

It all started when the church board agreed to host an evangelistic campaign. The speaker would be the new district pastor, Hipolito Morales.

The Goal:
The church decided its goal would be 10 baptisms.

That same day preparations began with small groups. In these small groups, Bible studies, on the series The Faith of Jesus, began. Spiritual and social activities were also held. This way guests and member of the church could get to know one another. The whole experience was wonderful. This whole process took about two months. The evangelistic campaign lasted 15 days.

The Evangelistic Campaign:
We wanted to reach our goal and every night we had different guests come in through our doors. During the 15 days we had a total of 20 guests. Almost half of the guests did not miss a single day. Among them a family of seven, another family of four, a girl and a young man.

During the Campaign:
The topics during this evangelistic campaign were Christ centered, simple, practical, and to the point. At the end of every night, I would ask the guests if they understood everything they heard and the answer was always, yes.

Call to Christ:
A campaign without a call to accept Christ as your savior is not a campaign. I made a call for people to accept Christ to which 9 people accepted. 3 days before the end of the campaign 11 people stood up deciding to be baptized. It was a joy to see 10 people baptized. God blessed us with the number of people we had planned on reaching.

The honor and glory be to God. Now our responsibility is to include these new members in different church activities so their faith may grow and they may also share with others.

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