Changed Lives – Time to Speak with God

by Walter Ramos Escobar, Pastor of the Adventist Hispanic Church in Beaverton.

Elizabeth attended the “Time to Speak with God” evangelistic series from the first day with her two children. The theme of the second coming of Christ filled her life in such a way that after the first series she expressed the joy of having found what she was looking for, and the desire to continue studying the Bible.

Despite the joy of the gospel in her life, Elizabeth experienced the emptiness of not being able to share this same joy with her husband, since he did not sympathize with Protestant churches. In the church the members began to pray for him, asking God for an opening so Elizabeth could share the gospel with her husband. Finally she was encouraged to invite him, he accepted, and that day the prayer warriors were more active than ever.

God heard their prayers and Elizabeth and her two sons were baptized together and her husband is preparing for baptism, is involved in the church and active in a small.

“My family has been living joyfully since the gospel arrived,” says Elizabeth. “l am happy to see them full of joy,” says her husband.

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