Momentum – Spiritual Emphasis Week

by Samuel Castro, Pastor of the Vancouver Spanish Company

As part of the strategic plan, it was my privilege to conduct a series of messages under the title “Salvation in Symbols”, which was based on the theme of the Sanctuary.

There were 15 messages in total which were given to an average attendance of 60 to 70 people, including some visitors, who discovered the interesting Adventist theology regarding the Sanctuary and its meaning through their furniture.

In addition to the lessons learned through Bible study, we took the opportunity to celebrate that week of prayer to ask God for wisdom and direction for the project we currently have regarding the purchase of a building in Vancouver.

We believe in the power of prayer and even more so when we as a church unite for a purpose. At the end of the week of prayer, we consecrated ourselves to God through a communion service.

The Lord has manifested in an amazing way. We have received very good news that we hope will soon be announced the whole brotherhood.

Thank God for his Word … I can say that it was not easy to carry out this series of preaching … but at the end, I feel strengthened by what I have learned and even more by the results in my congregation

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