Momentum – The Flea Market

by Isaias Hernandez, Pastor of the Kennewick Spanish Seventh-day Adventist Church

In the summertime, there is a huge weekly Flea Market in the Pasco, Washington area. A person who attended the meetings suggested we talk to the director of the Flea Market to see if they would allow us to add Community Services within the park. He did allow this and did not charge the regular fee for the space.

We started offering three health procedures for the public. There were 1) taking blood pressure, 2) measuring the body fat ratio and 3) measuring the amount of oxygen in the blood. This helped to develop a good relationship with the community, and we offered a survey to determine what the needs are locally for Hispanics. Based on that survey, we will be offering marriage and family seminars in 2020—as well as a family health walk or parade with some competitive games, and work with a community clinic and the Chamber of Commerce to help fill the needs of the community. We will (of course) invite people to come to the evangelistic meetings scheduled for 2020 in the area.

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