The Change You Will Not Find on Your Couch

Group of Asia hiking help each other silhouette in mountains with sunlight.

by Troy Fitzgerald, Pastor of the Walla Walla University Church

JT was baptized this year in January. He has always been involved in church and school endeavors, but it was in junior high when he made a decided choice to be a disciple of Christ. Backpacking, sports, photography, –being outside is home for JT. In the outdoors, JT found a way to influence peers and others to draw close to God.  There are many moments where JT makes an unmistakable impact to others for God:

Leading efforts for moving students from a static lifestyle to the outdoor activity has deepened many students to consider God is their Creator. We use the spiritual growth devotional “40 Days Wild” that challenges believers to activate their ideas in action. The Sub-title is “The change you will not find on your couch.” 

JT has developed his photography and video skills to enhance the stories of our Week of Prayer revivals at Walla Walla Valley Academy. Some stories are told and some testimonies are only captured well in images and interviews. JT and friends have made the ordinary journey of faith in an engaging way.   

It was at a mission trip to Zambia, with his dad, classmates, doctors, and university students, where he put his mind and the heart in service. It became evident that JT connected theory into practice by tirelessly working with the dental clinic and leading children to joy and hope in Christ through worship. 

JT Harris is a respected leader among his peers as well as others in the community of faith.   

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