God’s Miracle Series

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by Myckal Morehouse, Pastor of the Stone Tower Adventist Church

In the Fall of 2019, we were gearing up for a great prophecy series scheduled for April of 2020. We had scheduled the Oregon Conference evangelist, we were participating in the Voice of Prophecy national evangelistic campaign, and we had all our funding in place to reach over
100,000 homes in advertising — that’s until a global disaster hit! With Coronavirus sweeping around the world, and cities shutting down across America, our prophecy series was cancelled. We had literally thousands of dollars in brochures that were printed and sitting in a warehouse that we were unable to use, and unable to get a refund for! We wondered together,
how could God use what little we had left in our budget, in the midst of global pandemic, to somehow reach our city when no one was allowed out of their homes to attend public events?

But God is bigger than any pandemic, and miracles happen when God’s people face red-sea sized obstacles with faith that God can make a way through. So instead of backing down or shutting down, we decided to press forward and try something innovative, we decided to take a risk! With four weeks to pull it all together, and only one fourth of our remaining budget, we began planning to host a virtual evangelistic series through Zoom, placing our faith in God’s ability to bring people, as He always does.

Opening night we were amazed as devices from all over our city and across the country began logging on to our zoom meeting. We watched as people engaged through the Zoom chat, responded to the appeals and made commitments for the Sabbath, the State of the Dead, and yes even Baptism! Unlike a traditional meeting, we didn’t take a break. We went 25 nights straight, and did absolutely zero preliminaries keeping the meeting to under an hour every night. We just went for the basics (preaching our message) and God blessed! A dozen made a commitment for baptism, many more committed to keeping the Sabbath, but the miracle God did was even bigger.

God’s miracle series reached one of our members who had moved to the east coast. She was praying for God to use her to be His witness during this pandemic. That’s when she got the idea of sharing the links from the whole series to a facebook friend who lived in Kenya, Africa. Little did she realize that her friend owned a radio station that broadcasts all over Kenya. This
friend decided to advertise and broadcast the series over radio and as a result over one hundred people have requested Bible studies and eight have called in to the radio station requesting baptism.

So a series that was nearly cancelled through a global pandemic, through the miracles of God, has reached hundreds for the kingdom around the world and has brought precious souls into our church family. We rejoice to see those making decisions for Christ. Praise God, His truth is marching on!

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