Resources to Support Your Calling

Eight Unexpected Consequences of the Post-Quarantine Church with Thom Rhainer

  • The revival of simple church
  • Major staff realignment
  • Attractional outreach will diminish
  • The growth of the micro-church
  • A new unchurched to reach
  • Ministry training will change drastically
  • Pastors will move to second and third chair roles
  • Acceleration of denominational decline

The Tithe Conundrum: What Percent of Adventists Return Tithe

How to Turn Off Work Thoughts During Your Free Time

How I Recovered from Burnout: 12 Keys to Get Back

Five Ways Churches will have Changed a Year from Now

A Model for Public Evangelism:
How family camp turned in to an evangelistic retreat that led to deeper commitments to Christ and openness to the Adventist Church.

Why You Shouldn’t Quit Ministry Now, Even Though You Feel Like It

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