Finding Hope

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by Jorge Richarson, Pastor of the Nueva Vida and Independence Spanish Seventh-day Adventist churches.

“Approximately 18 years ago, I arrived in the United States. I came with dreams and illusions of a better future. God gave me the opportunity to come with my greatest gift on this earth, my family,” Sara says.

Sara has been living in Independence, a city southwest of Salem, for 17 years. There, she has seen her three children grow up. She has also experienced the pain of a marriage destroyed by the alcohol and drugs her husband consumed. Alone, without hope, and with the battle of finishing the education of her three children, she kept going. As the years went by, her life kept feeling empty, stressful, disillusioned, and hopeless. One day her neighbors told her about some hope meetings. Sara said, “I need to hear hope.”

Sara then met Magoo, Head Elder at the Independence Spanish Church, started a friendship and became part of a small group in his home and began to study the Bible together. Pastor Jorge Richarson would visit twice a month and encourage her to go forward and give her life to Jesus.

Sara says: “My best day of the week was when they would visit me on Wednesdays at 7 PM and have the small group. That was a day where I could learn new songs, learn more about how to live a new life in Jesus. At first I did not understand anything, but then I was creating a study habit and I liked to learn about my origin, why we are as we are, we react as we react, it was very interesting to know: creation, the origin of evil and the effects of sin throughout time, and the great provision that God has made through Jesus Christ so that we do not continue in the chaotic life that we have lived because of sin. It has been 14 months since the small group became part of my life. I am now has peace, and I want to give myself to Jesus,”

In May 2020 there were three weeks of spiritual emphasis & evangelism through ZOOM entitled: Hope in a World with Covid-19 Bible Study led by the Pastor of the church.

In June 2020, the church met again in the building and Sara decided to be baptized and also her nephew who attended the small group.

When she was in the baptismal pool Sara said: 18 years ago I came to USA, and I came with dreams and illusions of a better future – today I have found a better future in Jesus Christ – today I decide to be born again, to live under the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

Today Sara is emotionally restored, she serves as a deaconess in the church and testifies of what God has done in her life. In addition, she is giving Bible studies to her parents and her husband who wants to restore their marriage relationship after 7 years of separation.

This story of Sara’s redemption reminds us that there is still hope in a world with Covid-19.

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