Pastoring During a Pandemic

Reopening for business adapt to new normal in the novel Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic. Rear view of business owner wearing medical mask placing open sign "OPEN BUSINESS AS NEW NORMAL" on front door.

I think it’s safe to say we all thought this would be over by now. What started as a two week lock down has turned into a year. So much has changed in so many different areas of ministry and it can be hard to adapt, especially if you had become comfortable with how you lead your church. This article was written 6 months ago, when many thought the lock down might be coming to an end, but it’s still very applicable now. Mandates for churches, here in the Northwest, have been loosened in the last few weeks, but we are still seeing a huge decline in attendance. We can’t expect things to go back to the way they were. Here’s some practical tips on Pastoring During a Pandemic.

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