Heavy Conviction

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by Scott Tyman, Pastor of the Tacoma Central Adventist Church

2020 has been quite a year as it relates to evangelism. We started out as usual with a number of interests from community events and evangelistic series interests from 2019.

Evangelism is truly a cycle. As usual I started out with my four Revelation classes scattered throughout the Tacoma community with 30 plus interests attending. Then COVID-19 hit toward the end of the series. I was forced to do individual Bible studies and work around their schedules.

I had been working with Robert for nearly five years. He and his wife had attended at least three or four evangelistic meetings in the past, initially coming to the church through a handbill. They had been into heavy drugs and alcohol. Robert had been under heavy conviction that the things he was learning was true, but he would never move forward. I wasn’t exactly sure why. I thought maybe it was the addictions he was fighting.

Then Robert’s wife died last year and again I came in contact with him. He was still searching and desiring a closer relationship with Jesus. He was still struggling with different addictions, but one he had given up was alcohol. I found out that his wife had really been a huge influence on him in not making a decision for Christ and baptism.

After a lot of prayer, Robert finally decided to accept the gift of salvation through baptism. He is now a very active church member, attends Sabbath school and church every week and is volunteering at the local Tacoma community center.

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