Walking Together

by Florencio Bueno, Pastor of the Mabton and Grandview Adventist Churches

The beginning of the year 2020 was a powerful occasion to launch our evangelistic Series “Walking Together,” inspired by the idea to walk together with Jesus. This spiritual journey was intended not only for church members, but also for non-Adventist friends.

During our 15 part presentation, eighteen people showed up to participate in this powerful experience. As a result, several absent and no longer engaged members decided to return to an active and systematic attendance. Several visitors, church friends and community neighbors agreed to receive literature, event announcements, and some of them accepted Bible studies.

At the end of the evangelistic series, two precious souls were joined to our church through baptism another two were accepted by Profession of Faith and re-baptism.

One of these families kept their distance for a long time. For several months they had been far away from church, struggling with personal health, family, and legal issues. Their was an excitement throughout the church when they came to the meetings with their family and members were vibrant with joy when they were baptized.

The second story is about father of four. He had been running away from Jesus for around two years. He decided to leave his family and abandon his Christian faith. Nonetheless, Jesus had a different plan for him, he accepted the gift of restoration and renewal. Finally, he came back to his Savior, showing his commitment to Christ and returning to the faith by baptism.

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