Three Stages of Evangelism

by Juan Pacheco, Pastor of the Hillsboro Hispanic Adventist Church

Our evangelistic program for the year was severely affected by the pandemic so we had to reinvent our plan. This year we talked about the crisis we were experiencing and planned for many resources in order to be effective as a church. We came up with three stages for evangelistic series to reach new converts.


First, a program to help entrepreneurs who have been affected by this crisis. Several small business owners were forced into unemployment or had limitations as a result of the pandemic. Thus we began a series of topics on leadership, stress management, marketing, and how to trust God in difficult times.

Revelation Series

Our second stage, we presented an online 7-track Revelation series. After the presentation, interested people wrote me for questions and answers.


Then in our third stage, we had a series of 15 harvest themes that was distributed in 2 weekly presentations by zoom. So far we have 2 professions of faith and 2 baptisms and recently started another series with 15 people studying the Bible.


Marcela and Julio were baptized after a series of meetings. Doctors gave Marcela 6 months of live because of an advanced case of cancer. She decided to surrender her life to Jesus, knowing that He can be her healer, but if His will is for her to rest, she knows that He already saved Her and will have a beautiful gathering in heaven when Jesus returns.

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