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WHAT WORKS FOR ME IN… Finding Bible Study Interests

  • 1) David and Karen Ronk (, New Plymouth, ID Seventh-day Adventist Church District (ID Conf) – “We have a survey that I believe Russ Johnson developed and we are going door to door. This survey asks seven brief questions Seventh-day Adventists. We tell the people that we are from the Seventh-day Adventist church and we are checking up on ourselves in the community. We are getting one Bible study from every 3rd to 4th house that we contact. It is just too easy. We started at the church steps and went down both sides of the church street. Within four blocks we had so many Bible studies that we had to quit. Each Bible study represents at least an hour a week. We would be happy to travel anywhere and help any church get started on this very successful survey.”
  • 2) Milton and Ruth Fish (, Sidney, MT Seventh-day Adventist Church District (MT Conf)- “Since we are in the far eastern division of Montana we are miles apart from our churches, and our groups are small. But good things are happening. Each person is so special for the Lord and we hope and pray that the Lord will continue blessing and blessing so the Momentum will continue to go forward here, too. Last week the two of us went cold turkey (like cold canvassing) from door to door. We introduced ourselves and told them that we wanted to meet some of our neighbors. We asked them if they had any prayer requests and told them we would be happy to have prayer for them. In that 1 ½ hours we found six folks home, gave them the book Seventh-day Adventists Believe with my husbands business card inside (includes our churches’ & home addresses and phone numbers), then had great conversations with those that wanted prayer and invited them to our church of that area, where they can study the Bible with us. It was so great to see and hear the positive remarks about the Seventh-day Adventists that they know. One young mother said “You both have blessed us so much by stopping by.I had planned on going out of town for a women’s spiritual weekend and found out today that I couldn’t go. You have brightened my day!’ We had prayer with her. A couple days later at the Indian Reservation Area we went door to door and invited some folks to our church and had prayer with those that were there. Again we met with positive comments about Seventh-day Adventists.The Lord is working wonderfully.”

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New church group participates in a mission trip to Ecuador

 The Ohana Seventh-day Adventist Fellowship in West Lynn, OR has been meeting barely a year now (they had their official Sabbath morning Grand Opening September 9, 2006!), but they have already decided to weave global mission trips into the fabric of their lifestyle and ministry. Recently they joined several other Adventist churches in a mission trip to Ecuador in South America that included preaching, teaching and healing ministries. Plans call for a yearly mission trip overseas as well as regular soul winning efforts here at home. For more information on the trip see For more information on the church group see

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Student Missionary Opportunities

  Student Missionary Opportunities for Young Adults and Older Adults, Too!

Many young adults in our churches are searching for where they fit into life and the world around them. Often they would benefit from spending a year as a student missionary overseas, experiencing God using them on the front lines of service and watching their faith grow exponentially. Why not suggest to young adults in your church (or older adults, too) the possibility of volunteering for a year in a part of the world that really needs another witness for Jesus and the Adventist message? You can refer them to this website for all the information they need-

(For detailed search options go directly to

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“The Presence” & “Most Amazing Prophecies”

 This fall many pastors and lay members are holding their own series of reaping meetings across the northwest. In addition many churches have taken advantage of two short satellite series- “The Presence” with Shawn Boonstra, focusing on Bible truths related directly to the Sanctuary truth, and “The Most Amazing Prophecies” with Doug Batchelor.

Reaping meetings, both local and satellite, tend to have much larger harvests if there are many Bible studies being given before the reaping, if new members are involved in sharing their faith immediately, and if there are regular, consistent harvest cycles in the church.

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NPUC Evangelists Fall 2006 Reaping

  • 1) Spokane Central (UC Conf)- Lyle & Peggy Albrecht with Pastor Jeff Kinne, September-October
  • 2) Medford, OR (OR Conf)- Jac & ‘dena Colon Field School of Evangelism with Pastor Dan McCulloch and about a dozen seminary students, interns, and pastors, September-October
  • 3) Nampa, ID (ID Conf)- Richard & Mary Halversen with Pastor Ervin Furne, September-October
  • 4) Yakima 35th Ave (UC Conf)- Lyle & Peggy Albrecht with Pastor Harry Sharley, October-November
  • 5) Clarkston, WA (UC Conf)- Jac & ‘dena Colon with Pastor Neil Matson, October-November
  • 6) Kamiah, ID (UC Conf)- Richard & Mary Halversen with Pastor Dan Cole, October-November

If you would like to have an NPUC Evangelist come to your district please contact your conference evangelism coordinator. (Also, see the rotation schedule found at

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NPUC Staff involved in Fall 2006 Reaping Meetings

 Four reaping series have been held this fall by NPUC Office Staff-

  • 1) College Place Spanish (UC Conf)- Ramon Canals with Pastor Tito Espinosa, September
  • 2) Brush Prairie, WA (OR Conf)- Dan Serns with Pastor Lutz Binus, September
  • 3) Washougal, WA (OR Conf)- Bryce Pascoe with Pastor Walter Mancia, October
  • 4) Toppenish, WA (UC Conf)- Ramon Canals with Pastor Alejandro Dovald, October

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Momentum Satellite Reaping scheduled for spring 2007

 What if you could bring an outstanding, experienced evangelist to your church or school for eight nights (Saturday to Saturday) every spring and every fall for the next five years? 

          This could greatly maximize the outreach and local reaping that was already happening. Those who were “thinking about becoming Seventh-day Adventists someday” would have a wonderful chance to be invited to make decisions “now.” New Adventists would hear the key points of our faith explained in simple and fresh ways twice a year. And long time Adventists could see those they are praying for and studying with have a great opportunity to join this worldwide and growing movement.

          And now, with the Momentum Soul-winning plan, this can happen! Ron Halverson, Sr. would like to come to your church by satellite April 21-28, 2007*, uplinked from the Metro Seattle area. And Jere Patzer would like to come to your church by satellite in the fall of 2007 from the Boise Metro area. As you plan your two harvest cycles for 2007 be sure to include these outstanding opportunities.

          For more information on ordering a $200 satellite dish for your church, school, or institution call 1-888-393-HOPE (4673).

(* This date indicates when it will be broadcast to the downlink sites across the northwest and beyond on The Hope Channel. The actual on-site meetings and filming at the uplink site are one week earlier.)

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SEEDS Church Planting Weekend comes to Vancouver, BC

Are you interested in church planting, church renewal and/or personal witnessing? Check out the Seeds Church Planting Weekend in Vancouver, BC. All the information you need is found at

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NPUC Officers Re-elected; Jere Patzer update; Walla Walla College to take on a new name

During the North Pacific Union Conference (NPUC) constituency session held Sunday, Oct. 1, in Portland, Oregon, the nearly 300 delegates present re-elected all three officers by overwhelming margins. See more at For the latest update on NPUC President Jere Patzer and his progress with treatment for mantle cell lymphoma see

To better reflect the scope of its programs and the nature of its student body, Walla Walla College has elected to change its name to Walla Walla University. See more at[tt_news]=296&tx_ttnews[backPid]=28&cHash=6bfe8d9ffc.

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Advent Movement – Dave Livermore, Joel Tompkins

  • 1) Dave Livermore to Upper Columbia Conf Personal Ministries Leader from Senior Pastor, Kelso-Longview Seventh-day Adventist Church, WA (OR Conf)
  • 2) Joel Tompkins to Treasurer, Egypt Field (via Andrews University Missions Institute) from Treasurer, WA Conf

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