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Advent Movement- Ordained in 2006

·         Ordained to the Gospel Ministry in the NPUC during 2006- Abraham Francois, Eric Shadle, Steven J. Gilmore, Jim Jenkins, Cuong Duy Ngo, Robert Uhrig, Jr., Monte Robison, Tracy Wood

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Religious Freedom and Religious Symbols

o Emails often make claims about religious symbols on the US Capitol and about the religious intentions of the US Founding Fathers. This article analyzes the truthfulness and falsehood of several of these claims.

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“Read it again for the first time”

·         The New NKJV Desire of Ages– Powerful Quotations

o        If the leaders in Israel had received Christ, He would have honored them as His messengers to carry the gospel to the world. To them first was given the opportunity to become heralds of the kingdom and grace of God. P. 229

o        So, in all ages, angels have been near to Christ’s faithful followers. The vast confederacy of evil is arrayed against all who would overcome; but Christ would have us look to the things which are not seen, to the armies of heaven encamped about all who love God, to deliver them. From what dangers, seen and unseen, we have been preserved through the interposition of the angels, we shall never know, until in the light of eternity we see the providences of God. P. 239

o        Those who turn from the plain teaching of Scripture and the convicting power of God’s Holy Spirit are inviting the control of demons. Criticism and speculation concerning the Scriptures have opened the way for spiritism and theosophy–those modernized forms of ancient heathenism–to gain a foothold even in the professed churches of our Lord Jesus Christ. P. 259

o        By sweeping away the senseless restrictions of the Jews, Christ honored the Sabbath, while those who complained of Him were dishonoring God’s holy day. P. 293

o        Do not withdraw yourselves from the world in order to escape persecution. You are to abide among men, that the savor of the divine love may be as salt to preserve the world from corruption. P. 314

o        Were those who serve God removed from the earth, and His Spirit withdrawn from among men, this world would be left to desolation and destruction, the fruit of Satan’s dominion. Though the wicked know it not, they owe even the blessings of this life to the presence, in the world, of God’s people whom they despise and oppress. P. 314

o        Suggested Reading for May- Chapters 31-37, pp. 307-373 (2.5 pages per day)

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H.K.W.H.T.A. – Scott LeMert, Assistant to the President, Oregon Conference

“We have two kinds of churches in our conference that don’t grow- Those with a passion for the message but no compassion for people and those with compassion for people but no passion for the message. The first kind can’t seem to open their arms to people and the second kind have their arms open so wide they can’t seem to hold on to people. We need churches that have both a passion for the message and compassion for people, that can open their arms to people and hold onto them at the same time.”  Scott LeMert, Assistant to the President, OR Conf. While many churches in the Oregon Conference are growing rapidly there are several dozen that have not added even two new members a year for the past five years. The Oregon Conference Administrative Team, including Scott, is studying the Book of Acts to discover ways to help all churches focus on their mission. He Knows What He’s Talking About (H.K.W.H.T.A.)

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WHAT WORKS FOR ME IN… Choosing A GPS Navigational Device and Using It in Soul Winning & Ministry

WHAT WORKS FOR ME IN… Choosing A GPS Navigational Device and Using It in Soul Winning & Ministry 

I use a Garmin 320 GPS in my daily ministry.  People are very scattered in rural areas comprising my two church district.  Countless hours of fruitless searching are saved monthly with this practical device.  In town it takes me directly to homes without calling for directions and further loading up the prospective householder with time spent giving directions that could be used for other more productive activity.  It is also an indispensable tool especially when the church is engaged in public evangelism visitation.


UCC Pastor Daniel D. Knapp

Colville & Ione District Pastor

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Thirty-nine New Adventist Churches and Companies Organized

Thirty-nine New Adventist Churches and Companies Organized in the NPUC in the past five years (2002-2006) Thirty-nine (8%) of our 485 organized churches and companies have been organized in the past five years. (Click here to see a list with organizational dates.)  While we should rejoice whenever there is another church or company organized, because it is an additional point of contact with the community, we must remember that the Adventist mission calls for a vibrant Adventist group in every town, city and neighborhood. For this to be accomplished there must be continued efforts by every organized church to start Adventist work in new areas every year.

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A rocket explodes

A rocket explodes in front of the Baghdad Adventist church February 27 (Click here to read the story)

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God Kept Giving Me Money to Give to India Missions

By a Northwest Church Member
(Written 2/25/2007)

I am self employed. I have no regular income. I have been running a high speed computerized lathe making parts. I also have a friend who had been going to India as a missionary for several years. He encouraged me to go hold a series of meetings. I thought this would be a lot of fun, to go and help the Lord’s cause.

Those going needed to raise $1,500 for each village they were trying to reach. This is to pay for an Indian Bible worker, Bibles for new members, a public address system, and maybe some funds to help for the land for a church. In addition to that we would need to find the money for a church building for the new believers. The cost of a church would depend on the number of people baptized in a village. If there were less that 100, then the church building and the rest of the land would cost about $3500. The next size was $5,000 then $7500 and $10,000. The Southern Asia Division needed the money for evangelizing the villages at least 2 months before the American Teams would come and hold the meetings so they could send in the Indian Bible workers to start meetings and develop interests.

It seemed to me that it would cost about $3500 to get the tickets, equipment, food, and lodging just for me to go and if I wanted to do a 5 village effort that was $7500 more. I could not see where I could find that kind of money. I knew that I had a check coming for $8,000 from parts but I needed that money to pay bills and my house payment. Looking over the situation, it seemed to me that if I stayed home, I could fund 2 more villages for those who were going. I decided to stay home and send more money. I felt the Spirit pushing me. A friend gave me $1000 and I gave 8,000 which allowed six more villages to be prepared for those who were already going. By the end of the meetings there were 200-300+ member churches in each of those villages.

Back to the story, I just gave away my money, so I said “Well Lord, You are going to have to find me some money for my house payment because I don’t have it.” I put an ad in the paper and sold a piece of property in the middle of the winter that closed and funded in 15 days. What a miracle! I had been trying to sell it for months but it didn’t sell. There is no question that I needed the money. Two weeks later I got another lathe contract, this time for $80,000. Guess what? God wanted a part of it. Why did that sound surprising? We argued about it and it seemed as though He wanted ½. I said “Well it is your money, You can have it.” So I set the ball rolling for another 27 villages. There were more villages that could have been entered if we had had more money. I needed to pay for my bar stock and other things but the money donated resulted in over 4000 people being baptized. A year later there were over 5000 in these same villages. I have no clue how many there are there now. I’m sure I will see many of them in Heaven when I get there.

Another way I saw God leading that year was when I donated and also sold another lot for mission work in India. This resulted in a tax deduction of $32,000. The sale of the other 2 lots was over $60,000, but with the deduction of $32,000 and some other deductions, my Federal tax was only $260. Deeding property to God’s cause is a good way to further the work in a mighty way.

Looking back I can see that I needed to stay home to run the lathe. It would have been the wrong time to leave. God knows best. I gave so much out of my operating cash flow that things were tight. I guess that that should be expected. I said to myself “It’s nothing since, after all, He hung on the cross. Being short of money is nothing.” I got another contract the next year and I was building a house in another town. I set the machine running in the morning and went to work. I came back in the evening, cleaned out the chips, put more bar stock on the automatic bar feeder, and went home to dinner. Later I came back to repeat the process then went home to bed. The machine ran around the clock without making bad parts for months, producing record weeks. I stopped it only for Sabbath and cleaning and setting new bits. It ran better than if I had been standing there watching it. Considering that I was turning stainless steal and required to hold close tolerances, this is unreal.

I see another incredible opportunity on the horizon, and I know that He has something big in mind. We are to expect big things. My friend if you want an incredible life, give your heart and your things to God, put your shoulder behind something that God wants done and push hard and don’t be surprised if He pushes you into incredible things. May God help you find His will for your life.


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Adventism is finally reaching my own native tribe- By Monte Church

By Monte Church
Native Ministries Coordinator
North Pacific & Canadian Unions
(Posted 4/2/2007)

Since becoming a Christian and then an Adventist, I have always had a burden for our people of the Menominnie-Stockbridge Indian Reservation in Northern Wisconsin where I spent my childhood. Because my family moved off the reservation in my late teens, we never had a chance to witness of our faith after becoming Adventists. 

What a thrill almost 40 years later to get a phone call from a Baptist native family from my reservation, who are well acquainted with my relatives, expressing to me how excited they were with the Native New Day video/TV programs they were able to see through Sky Angel. They expressed how thrilled they were to finally see how genuine Christianity embraces our native culture. They are now studying the Native New Day Bible lessons and are thrilled with what they are learning. In March of this year, they will be coming to Oregon to give their testimony to the Voice of Prophecy sponsored convention to share their thankfulness for the Native New Day videos and Bible lessons. 

I never thought I would see the day when Adventism would finally reach my own people. I can’t thank Safe TV® enough for all they have done for the work of native ministries in our country.


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Walla Walla College Student Pastors Gain Valuable Soul Winning Experience

Ten Ministerial Students at Walla Walla are involved in the Student Pastor program during the 2006-2007 school year. Each student gains valuable soul winning experience by participating in one or more of the following activities-

1) Work for at least six months with a pastor who is one of the top third of soul winners in the conference.

2) Conduct a full message evangelistic series (at least 14 meetings) during the school year.

3) Assist with a full message evangelistic series (at least 14 meetings) during the school year.

4) Lead (or coach lay members in leading) a baptismal class during the year.

5) Teach a “New members & Visitors” Sabbath School Class for at least one quarter.

Student Pastors and their Pastor Mentors for the 2006-2007 year have been-





Daniel Bennett


Abraham Francois

Pasco Ephesus

Robert Carlson

Gr Sr

Cary Fry

WW Eastgate

Rachel Davies


Leslie Bumgardner

Walla Walla College

Gina Frant-Helbley


Leslie Bumgardner

Walla Walla College

Maria King


Roger Johnson


London Lee


Mike Lambert


Alan Newbold


Troy Fitzgerald

Walla Walla College

Sheldon Parris


Roger Johnson

WW Northside

David Sandvik


Cary Fry


Emmanuel Serrano


Tito Espinoza

CP, WW, Pendleton


 Let’s keep these young people in our prayers as they develop into soul winning leaders in God’s church.

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