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Momentum – The Play Must Go On!

by Lloyd Perrin, Pastor of the Milton Seventh-day Adventist Church

Milton Church’s evangelistic strategy for 2018 involved two components: a spring and fall emphasis on reaping series. We started in the spring with “Three Great Weekends to Easter”. Each week prior to the weekend’s drama event a full-page newspaper advertisement was published. I would play a one-man drama series of two characters who played significant parts in the Easter drama.

On the weekend of March 16, I played Pilate and then on the weekend of March 23, I played Judas. These two one-man plays were to be a build-up to the final Easter weekend drama on March 30, where I would play the part of Jesus along with a full cast of actors as we portrayed the Last Supper that Jesus would spend with His disciples.

Countless hours were spent getting ready for these dramas. I have played dramas around the world, but somehow these dramas touched me in a way I have never been moved.

If a speaker wants to affect a change in his audience the change must first begin within the speaker. As I wrote the script for Pontius Pilate, I found myself understanding him, his dilemma and his struggle in a new way. Pilate caved into the pressures around him, he made a decision that compromised his personal values of being a fair and impartial judge. He made a huge mess of his life.

In my study of Pilate, I discovered that he may have become a Christian. His heart may have been changed after his encounter with Jesus. It gives us all hope. No matter what kind of mess we make of our life when we accept Christ into our life, there is hope.

It may seem strange to play a character like Judas for a community drama. Yet, I found as I stepped into his life, this man, so full of contradictions, could deeply move us. Judas chose to be close to Christ. He desired to be His disciple, but he couldn’t let go of the pull of the world, his desire for prestige, honor and wealth. He wanted to be with Jesus, but on his own terms. He thought he knew better what was best for Jesus.

These two men, a coward and a betrayer, reveal how God’s purposes move forward despite man’s attempt at trying to control and orchestrate events according to his own will.

The portrayal of Judas was particularly emotionally draining for me. I was so looking forward to my next weekend where I would play the part of Jesus.

Friday, March 30, the morning of the day I was to play the part of Jesus I woke up with the play on my mind. That was when my life took a decided turn. The medical event that I experienced took me on a journey that has literally changed my life. My one thought, as I lay on a gurney in the ER, was… the play must go on!

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Changed Lives – Time to Speak with God

by Walter Ramos Escobar, Pastor of the Adventist Hispanic Church in Beaverton.

Elizabeth attended the “Time to Speak with God” evangelistic series from the first day with her two children. The theme of the second coming of Christ filled her life in such a way that after the first series she expressed the joy of having found what she was looking for, and the desire to continue studying the Bible.

Despite the joy of the gospel in her life, Elizabeth experienced the emptiness of not being able to share this same joy with her husband, since he did not sympathize with Protestant churches. In the church the members began to pray for him, asking God for an opening so Elizabeth could share the gospel with her husband. Finally she was encouraged to invite him, he accepted, and that day the prayer warriors were more active than ever.

God heard their prayers and Elizabeth and her two sons were baptized together and her husband is preparing for baptism, is involved in the church and active in a small.

“My family has been living joyfully since the gospel arrived,” says Elizabeth. “l am happy to see them full of joy,” says her husband.

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Upcoming Events – EvangeLead

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Upcoming Events – NW ASI Convention

Love Serves is the theme for this year’s ASI NW Convention coming to the campus of Walla Walla University, April 18–20. Karl Haffner will be the keynote speaker. The organization will be conducting a two-day free dental and medical clinic. And, the event will award $10,000 in prize money for the most creative WWU student ideas in an Adventist version of Shark Tank. For more information and to register for the event, go to

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Upcoming Events – NPUC Prayer Call

Northwest members are invited to join in a weekly prayer call hosted by the North Pacific Union Conference. Each Tuesday evening at 8 p.m. PST, members and church leaders gather to share in a short reading and pray for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit throughout the Northwest and our world church. Each prayer call lasts about 30 minutes. To join the next prayer call on Tuesday, April 2 at 8 p.m. PST, call 360-302-2720.

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Resources – NAD Social Media Guidelines

The Social Media Best Practices Checklist for Ministries is foundational info for those seeking to start successful digital mission work. Whether your denominational entity is just getting started on social media or conducting a review/audit of existing social media accounts, read the blog and download the latest version of the NAD Social Media Guidelines for an in-depth manual with resources/guidance for safe, professional, and effective social media ministry.

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Advent Movements – Lang

Rob Lang has accepted the invitation of the North Pacific Union Conference (NPUC) executive committee to become NPUC director of youth ministry. He comes to this position from a similar role at the Georgia-Cumberland Conference based in Calhoun, Ga. Lang’s wife, Velvet, will become a part-time assistant director, carrying forward long experience with assisting her husband in youth ministry. Both plan to assume their duties with the NPUC as soon as they can effectively wrap up existing responsibilities with their current roles in Georgia. Read More

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Why Not Try This? – What Keeps Millennials In Church

Source: NAD Ministerial

If you feel like the church in North America falls short when it comes to engaging teenagers and young adults, you’re not the only one.

The Fuller Youth Institute, a research institute in California that equips leaders in the church with best practices, conducted research to uncover what the biggest challenges facing the church in this area are. Continue Reading…

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Advent Movements – Labrador

On April 16 the Upper Columbia Conference nominating and executive committees extended an invitation to Minervino “Minner” Labrador Jr. to serve as the new conference president. Labrador has accepted the call and will begin in June. Currently, he serves as the Southwestern Union Conference vice president of ministries and director of ministerial stewardship and men’s ministries. Read More…

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Advent Movements – McClendon

Bill McClendon has agreed to become the next vice president of administration for the North Pacific Union Conference (NPUC). McClendon returns to the Northwest after serving in the Washington Conference from 2010–2014. McClendon’s new role at the union will provide support to local Northwest conferences and churches in mission leadership and member growth, in addition to areas of church structure, process and policy. Read More…

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