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Resources – Bible Tutor is a new website that collects contact information from people interested in receiving Bible studies and forwards that information to the area pastor for follow-up. Churches looking for Bible study leads can publicize the site’s domain name in any creative way and then be notified of the interests that develop in their area. We are developing literature for distribution in our area that contains an offer for a “Personal Bible Tutor” and directs people to this site. There is a page on the website where people who have received Bible studies can share their testimony of how they were blessed.

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Soul Winning – Youth and GLOW Tracts

by Dustin Serns, Pastor of the Port Orchard Seventh-day Adventist Church

Does your church have GLOW tracts and Bible study guides available in the lobby?

Here are two reasons why every church should:

At the first meeting of my youth Bible study last night, I asked about their experience studying the Bible so far. A 10-year-old pulled some GLOW tracts out of his pocket and said, “I’ve been reading all these. There is only one left that I haven’t read yet.”

When I showed the group in the lobby where to get their Amazing Facts Bible lessons for the study, an 8th grader said, “Oh, I’ve already finished reading through lessons 1-8. I don’t have them anymore though because after I read them I share them with my friends at (public) school. Is that okay?”

Needless to say, I am proud of and inspired by our youth… and thankful that we have made Bible resources available in our church lobby.

If you don’t have Bible study guides and GLOW tracts available at your church, ask your church leaders what it would take to get that started and volunteer to help order and stock them.

If you already have them, share them with people in your community and encourage others to do the same. God might just surprise you in awesome ways.

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Resources – Hacksaw Ridge Campaign

faithThe Desmond Doss Council has produced and is mailing a Bible study booklet to all Adventist churches in North America as an opportunity to follow up on the Hollywood movie, Hacksaw Ridge. Beyond Hacksaw Ridge: An Order of Battle, is an easy-to-read, thirty-two page study guide with unique WWII stories that capture interest, then lead into an easy-to-follow Bible study with follow-up discussion questions for use by individuals or groups. Learn More

SermonView has also put together a Hacksaw Ridge campaign titled “Faith at Hacksaw Ridge.” This campaign package includes Bible study cards, jumbo cards, mailers, banners, and more to help answer the questions that the film may provoke. Learn More

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Resources – Jesus 101

Jesus 101The Jesus 101 Biblical Institute has a new free mobile app for Apple and Android devices. Search for Jesus 101 to download the app. The mobile app offers FREE daily 1 min. devotionals, Biblical studies, videos on demand, audio books, and much more. Download the app today, find the “book offer” section, and enter the promo code “NEWSPOINTS” to have a free copy of the Jesus 101 book, “Revelation: The Fifth Gospel” mailed to you.

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Changed Lives – Physical and Spiritual Needs

by Alejandro Delgado, Pastor of the Hillsboro Spanish Churchhillsboro

Some time ago a family arrived to our church from Mexico. They had many problems and needed help for food and rent. Our office started to move so they could receive food from the Food Bank and also financial help with the rent. Since that day we began to establish a great friendship with him and his beautiful family.

At the Hillsboro Spanish Seventh-day Adventist Church, we have initiated an aggressive program that is giving small groups great results.We talked to them about the possibility of joining a small group to study the Bible and they agreed.

After attending for about three months, I met with them asked them if they would make a commitment to Jesus. This family decided to give their lives to Jesus that day! That Saturday was a spiritual feast for all who met in that group. They gave thanks that God used the group leader as an the instrument to help bring the family to Christ.

At the same time, we had 4 youth fighting to know the gospel. We started to visit with the young of the church and invited them to youth events and youth services. We began to study the Bible with the boys and a few weeks after they also decided to give their lives to Christ.

Today, a few months after, they are attending regularly, coming to all the programs and happily participating in church activities. Now the oldest daughter is a leader and coordinator of her own a small  groups.  Their prayer is to see their grandfather and aunt baptized and accepting of the gospel.

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Changed Lives – Three Lives Changed for God!

by Scott Tyman, Pastor of the Tacoma Central Seventh-day Adventist Churchbanner

“Norma” attended an evangelistic meeting around two years ago and finally made a decision to become a part of the Tacoma Central Seventh-day Adventist Church on POF. She had been educator in the public schools for years and had been very involved in church. The church she had been attending decided to uphold same-sex marriages. This was the starting point for her to express interest in a deeper Bible study and that is when she attended an evangelistic meeting. She finally decided to join the church after attending three evangelistic series.

“Jennifer” was a complete stranger to the Adventist church. She had no prior contact. We really encourage our people to be looking for divine appointments and giving Bible studies. Jennifer had all kinds of problems when she expressed interest in Bible studies. However, after three months of studies she was baptized. I call her smiley. She is always so happy.

The third person that was baptized was “Tom.” He had no upbringing in church and knew very little about the Bible when I came in contact with him. I had met Tom through a guy that had previously attended a meeting and was baptized several years ago. After three months of studies Tom was also baptized and now he is bringing his wife and children to church.

(We sent out approximately 50,000 handbills with seventeen responding to attend meetings. To date we have had four baptism and one POF. There will be two or three more baptism this month. Most of the ones who have made decisions to this point are people who we have made prior contact with us in the past.)

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Momentum – WWU Student/Pastor Mentoring Program

3b006d59-fb78-4907-a2ac-2c67e9181c64Below are 2012-2013 year end reports and stories from theology students involved in the mentoring program at Walla Walla University.

Andrew Abbott:

This last school year at the College Place Village Church has been full of constructive activity and personal growth in ministry. My responsibilities this last year have included weekly visits to church members; preaching about twice a month at Village Church, the state penitentiary, or other churches; presenting devotionals for Blue Mountain TV, supervising the Youtube ministry for Village Church; attending weekly staff meetings; helping with the Collegiate Sabbath School; and playing music for church services and other church events. All of these duties have sharpened my public speaking, my interpersonal skills, my listening skills, my decision-making skills, and my creativity in ministry.

I have continued to hone the effectiveness of the Village Impact Youtube Channel by experimenting with different types of videos and looking into various marketing methods. We post Sabbath morning sermons each week, Gospel Outreach mission stories every other week, and promotional videos for church events about once a month. Facebook has been a very valuable asset in publicizing the videos, but I am also in the process of distributing pamphlets in the community. Through experimenting and observing, my team and I have found that short, casual video clips receive the most views. I find this insight encouraging, since it means that running a Youtube ministry is within the reach of the average, small church congregation. A church does not need thousands of dollars of equipment and a professional studio to attract people’s attention through internet videos. They can increase their web presence and spread the gospel with simple filming equipment and techniques.

One aspect of ministry at Village Church that has been very meaningful for me the past school year is the prison ministry. I found my first sermon appointment at the penitentiary to be a heart-warming, spiritually enlivening experience and one of the men testified that my sermon was a decisive factor in leading him to request baptism. Since then, I have preached there once a month and have found each visit a blessing. I have also enjoyed participating in the outreach team at Village Church. By making friends at the university and in the community, I have been able to Continue reading

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Momentum – The Community Bible Study

The Caldwell Seventh-day Adventist Church tried a new experiment this last month.  Instead of the typical evangelistic series we opened  The Community Bible Study.  This approach, with two studies conducted all weekdays at noon and 6pm for three full weeks, is much more,  low key than traditional series, and uses a study  format with question and answers filled out on printed lessons.  Instead of Revelation and Prophecy, the main theme is Righteousness by Faith.  Doctrines including our unique truths are presented but in a Relational framework.

Another part of the experiment was trying more direct advertising to invite people to join.  We asked members to invite friends and neighbors.   Actually none of our guests came from this method. Several weeks prior we went door to door with a community survey that offered Bible study as one of its options, and when interest was demonstrated we gave invitation cards to   The Community Bible Study. We invited the entire congregation to join us in this effort.  I would like to thank, Casey Baker, Ramon Fernandez, Josh Hester, Nathan Hobbs, Donna Gonzales, Roy Johnson, Lois Moore, and Josh Ro who went door to door with me. Josh Hester, doing Bible work for us for a few weeks this summer, also contacted inactive members, non-member spouses, non- baptized attenders, and others who might benefit from Continue reading

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Why Not Try This? – Doing LIFE Together

Life Journals provide an easy way for you to keep a record of what God reveals to you as you read through the Bible. By using the four easy steps for journaling – S cripture, O bservation, A pplication & P rayer (S.O.A.P.), you will be able to respond to God’s Word daily and keep a record of what God reveals to you. And in one year, you will have read & responded your way through the entire Bible. Choose Life!

We call it “Doing LIFE Together.” Consider what it would mean if everyone were reading together and working their way through the Bible together -growing together. The LIFE Journal is a way in which we can do that. It’s all about having a personal devotional life. The how-to’s are there, the reasons are there, it’s now just about having the personal discipline to follow-through and really grow with God like you’ve never grown before! You can download the podcast and listen, or do it yourself.

To learn more CLICK HERE

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Why Not Try This? … Take a Closer Look at Revelation

I thought I had a pretty good grasp of the Book of Revelation. But when I took on a special project to study Revelation 12 and see if there was evidence of Historicism, I discovered some amazing things that have given me Continue reading


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