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Global Missions – How the “Me” in Ministry Died

by Troy Wallace, Walla Walla Theology Student

Before I came on the NPUC Mission Trip to Guatemala, I had never really done anything specifically evangelistic, especially a reaping meeting. Honestly, I was a little cynical when it came to “traditional” evangelism. But I thought this would be a great experience to get outside of America and see how God is working in other places. When we all arrived, we got the royal treatment, something I did not expect. The Guatemala Mission welcomed us with a big ceremony to show their support and gratitude for our being in Guatemala. Every pastor was enthusiastic to see that they had preachers to help with the campaigns. It’s incredible to see the level of dedication that some of these pastors have. Some are pastoring more than 12 churches at a time, equipping the saints in each church to run on its own. This was so refreshing to see, and I’m convinced it’s more Biblical then our pastor-centered churches in America. As we were paired up with our translators, I met mine. Ginardo is a humble man, only three years into the faith. His English wasn’t great, but I know God used him to reach others despite the hiccups in some of the messages. A couple of lessons I learned working with Ginardo:

  • Experience isn’t necessary to do God’s work
  • The Holy Spirit is doing things so far beyond our ability
  • How people respond to spiritual things is not indicative of the effect of the preaching.
  • Sometimes the people changed the most through the preaching are the preacher and the translator.
  • The bond you build with your translator is special

I was surprised at how kind and generous everyone in Guatemala is. As we deployed to our churches to preach, families would welcome us into their homes and feed us. What is moving in these experiences is often the families are very poor and have little to give. One of the stories I heard from a new friend and pastor, Abner, was the kindness of one of his hosts. They fed him a full and equal plate of food as the father of the house he visited. As he finished up his delicious meal he noticed that the father had only eaten one quarter of his plate. He overheard the father silently call to his kids to finish the plate, because that was all the food they had. This type of generosity is uncommon and heart-melting. The people here really know what it means to be family. Yes there is brokenness, but the community is tight, especially within the churches. People actually love each other and share with one another. Continue reading

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Global Mission – Guatemala

We are in the midst of spring break and with it comes a multitude of mission trips. This year, the NPUC sponsored an evangelistic trip to Retalhuleu, Guatemala. Walla Walla University theology students and intern pastors from Washington and Idaho Conferences converged to preach “Secrets of Life,” a seven night evangelistic series, at 20 different churches around Retalhuleu. Tonight begins their fifth night. Please pray for them and all the mission trips happening this week all around the world.

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Global Missions – The Mission Field in the Northwest

missions-in-the-nwThe mission field has moved into your neighborhood. Refugees and immigrants from all over the world are calling the Northwest home. Is your church serving the mission field in your community? Watch this video showing how the Rockwood Adventist Church, in Portland, Ore., has expanded their congregation by adding a worship services in the Karen language, serving a group of refugees from Myanmar.

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Global Missions – He Said Go

he-said-goHE SAID GO Missions Conference 2016: The purpose of this conference, to be held on Nov. 18-20 in San Diego, Calif., is to serve as a catalyst for missions, not only overseas, but also in domestic service. It is our prayer that our local church members become active in their communities and abroad. In order to accomplish this task, we are inviting medical professionals, our union and conference leaders, university/college presidents and their respective chaplains, along with their missions coordinators, to be part of this special gathering. We are also inviting youth directors, youth pastors, academy chaplains, and young adults. From Native American mission opportunities, including the Siberian Eskimos in northern Alaska, to Guam-Micronesia Mission territory, it is our prayer that everyone attending will choose to respond to the opportunities of service that God may present to them. Watch the video; and click here for more information.

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Global Missions – URGENT need for volunteers in Micronesia and Marshall Islands!

1st GradeGuam-Micronesia Mission still urgently needs 43 more people to fill vacancies – down from the original 56. Many of the schools are stretched thin with temporary help to start the school year, and await volunteers to fill these positions.   Volunteers should be between ages 18 and 70 with at least one year of college, baptized members of the Adventist church and committed followers of Jesus, and who are able to fund their own airline ticket. The mission school will provide volunteers with accommodations, a modest living allowance, and accident/ illness travel insurance. Positions available include classes in both elementary and high school levels, and volunteers are expected to commit to a full school-year (approximately 10 months).

View needed positions:
To apply:
More information:; (301-680-6493)

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Global Missions – Reaching Kosrae, Micronesia

dscf0305by Alisha Paulson
Source: He Said Go

“These past three months have definitely included some of the most challenging moments in my life. I really enjoy teaching, but there have been some moments where all I want is to go into my room and stare at the wall. Surrounded by nothing but peace and quiet. My nine 5th and 6th graders have a very wide skill level gap in between them, along with the 7th and 8th grade class.  So it’s been interesting…. Read the rest.

Read Walla Walla University student missionary Alisha Paulson’s blog about “Island Life” in Kosrae, Micronesia.

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Global Missions – Is Voluntourism Worth It?

Voluntourism“Voluntourism,” the idea of taking a trip to volunteer for a charitable cause, may be popular, but is it really worth it? Does it help those most in need? Heather Ruiz explores this question in a recent Walla Walla University (WWU) Collegian article, after she spent time traveling through West Africa for ADRA. What is the best way to help? How can we still feed and clothe those in need, yet not make them dependent on the gifts we bring? It is the time of year when many students have decided to go on and have started fundraising for mission trips during spring break. Before going, make read this! It’s contains very valuable information. Read the full article in the WWU Collegian.

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Peru 2014!

Tarapoto-studyingOn March 20, a total of 37 missionaries (including 9 students from Portland Adventist Academy and Upper Columbia Academy  as well as 12 SOULS NW students) arrived in Tarapoto, Peru to preach the gospel in 22 different churches. Communication has been difficult there, but Jason Worf, Director of SOULS NW, has been faithful in posting stories daily to his blog. Read about the wonderful, life changing things that are happening right now in Peru by clicking here.

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Global Mission – Adventist People Connected

we careMost people know what happens at their local church and many know what their local conference does, but what about beyond that? The General Conference communication department has released a short video explaining how your local church is connected to churches and people on the other side of the world. The video includes statistics about the larger world church and is a great resource for members and non-members alike. Watch “Adventist People Connected.”

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NPUC Spring Mission Trip to Peru

Mission Trip

The North Pacific Union Conference is sponsoring a mission trip to Tarapoto, Peru and we would like for YOU to join us!

Needed: Speakers and support team members for 30 sites



  • March 19-30, 2014


  • Preaching/Teaching the Bible

Go to our website for more details and to register for the trip!

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