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Global Missions – African Rice Heart

Three years ago, Emily Wilkens flew into the unknowns of Chad, hopped on a motorcycle and found her destination amidst the desert flats in the village of Bere. This month, she holds in her hands a hot-off-the-press copy of her very own book, “African Rice Heart,” a compilation of prayers, letters to friends, journal entries, poems, and blog entries from her time in Chad.

Wilkens, a 2010 health science graduate of Walla Walla Univeristy, spent six months working as a nurse in the hospital in Bere and living with a family of nineteen.

“However, let’s remember that I’m not a nurse,” says Wilkens. “I had done some phlebotomy training at the community college in Walla Walla, and had some training in medical assisting, but even so, the hospital was a very stressful place for me. Even a hard place for me.”

The book contains over 80 short chapters, each introducing different aspects of READ MORE

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Global Missions – Engineers Without Borders in Honduras

Walla Walla University’s chapter of Engineers Without Borders (EWB-WWU) has completed phase one of their Hope for Honduras project, designing and overseeing the building of five classrooms at the elementary school in the village of Luis Garcia. Over spring break representatives of the group are visiting the school grounds to do an assessment of phase two of the project.

Three faculty and three students are in Honduras assessing the drainage issues on the campus. Currently, sewage runoff from the surrounding community flows through the school grounds, and the school’s own latrine system is not adequate for the 300-500 students who will be using it. The group from WWU will be working to determine drainage needs, latrine usage, and what type of sewage system will be best for the school.

“We will have an education meeting with the locals,” says Curt Nelson, professor of engineering and faculty sponsor of EWB-WW. “We need to learn from the community members what kind of latrine they want and what system they will know how to use. We need to ensure we solve the entire problem, not just part of it.”

Nelson also hopes to be able to continue researching the effect of their project on the local community. The classrooms built in 2010 allowed 250 additional students to attend school, and Nelson wants to know how far-reaching that change was.

“In that area, young women frequently drop out of school and start families,” he explains. “I want to know if more of READ MORE

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Global Missions – Japan

Adventists Urged to Give Immediate Assistance to Japan

Church and ADRA Teams Assess Damage

The Adventist Development and Relief Agency continues to respond to the devastating tsunami triggered by the 9.0 magnitude earthquake that shook Japan on Friday, March 11. Assessment teams reached the severely affected city of Sendai in the Miyagi Prefecture within 24 hours after a 30-foot tsunami wave crashed through the city, destroying entire communities and claiming thousands of lives. Thousands are still missing. Read more from ADRA’s website HERE.   “As the church in Japan copes with the impact of the recent earthquake and tsunami, the support of church members around the world through prayer and financial donations is greatly appreciated,” says Dan Jackson, president of the North American Division. Adventists can offer immediate support for ADRA or other church-related efforts in Japan, by texting or using one of the additional methods listed here:

  • Mobile Devices: text “SUPPORT” to 85944 to make an automatic $10 donation
  • Online Donations: at or through the NAD
  • Phone Donation: 1-800-424-ADRA
  • Check by Mail: make payable to ADRA and marked “Japan Relief” and mail to: ADRA International, 12501 Old Columbia Pike, Silver Spring, MD 20904

Local Church Offering: Use your church tithe envelope and mark it “Japan Relief” to help churches and schools with recovery and outreach


Japan Union Conference Assesses Needs in Quake Aftermath

Word from the Japan Union Mission indicates they are Continue reading

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Global Missions – Land on a Hill

Missions, Argentina, Pastor Cristian Rizzo has a district of 11 churches and small groups, having to attend to more than 1,500 members. However, with a group of missionary leaders, they saw the need to open a new Church in a neighborhood that was still under construction. The pastor encouraged them with the project and they began to pray so that their dreams would become a reality.

After weeks of prayer, someone donated a piece of land on a hill next to the neighborhood where they were looking to open the new church. Happy with the response from the Divine they began to raise the funds necessary to begin the construction. And in His time, the same God who put in the hearts of a group of leaders, the desire to open a new Church opened the doors so that Continue reading

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ADRA Assists Indonesian Volcano Relief


The Adventist Development and Relief Agency delivered assistance to one of the areas closest to the site of the Oct. 26, 2010 eruption of Mount Merapi in central Java, reported emergency officials in Indonesia last week. ADRA’s emergency response is centered on the village of Glagah Harjo, about five miles south of Mount Merapi. Nearly 500 displaced families from four smaller villages were living in temporary shelters there, said Hector Carpintero, country director for ADRA Indonesia.

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Global Missions: Faithful to God Even in Tragedy

Isn’t it amazing how that despite the Haitian earthquake disaster and tragedy, God’s people are still faithful to him.  In the midst of devastation and loss, note what the lady is reading and which book is lying open on the ground next to her.  It really inspired me to be more faithful in my reading and studying of God’s word.  Sometimes we can let the busyness of the day crowd out time with the Lord.  What a rebuke to me that this lady who may have lost everything is still proving faithful in her study time with the Lord!

Pastor Adrian Webster

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Global Missions: The Miners’ “Thank You”

Alex Vega, Bible in hand, proudly displays his shirt after exiting the capsule.

Photo: Hugo Infante / Government of Chile
Michell Bruguerolles
From the San José mine, Copiapó, Chile

COPIAPÓ .- Excited and surprised have been relatives of the first miners pulled from the San José mine, but the impact not only to see them again.  Another surprise was the shirts that most of them wore on top of the special suit they used when they emerged to the surface.

The shirts, which have a large white star on a blue square and red on the chest, have written the phrase “¡Gracias Señor! Thank you Lord.“ On the back it reads another sentence that says: “In his hand are the depths of the earth, and the mountain peaks belong to Him… For Him is the honor and glory”, which corresponds to verse 4 of Psalm 95.

Alberto Segovia, Segovia’s brother David, one of the “33”, was pleasantly surprised. We did not think they were going out with them, only with green special suits, but when we saw the first miner’s shirt; I was surprised” he said.

Segovia believes that the use of the shirt with that message makes it clear that the miners come spiritually renewed from the bottom of the earth. “(David) told me out of here the first thing I would do is go to church and thank God.”

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“Hands On” Evangelism by Pastor Bill Tucker

We sometimes say we want to have a “hands on” experience. What does that mean? When I think of a “hands on” experience, I’m looking forward to a personal experience participating actively in whatever the event might be. What does “hands on” mean then, in the environment of Quiet Hour Ministries’ evangelism? When I want a “hands on” experience in evangelism, it means I will personally and directly be involved in the preaching, interacting with people, visiting people in their homes, and giving people I meet an opportunity to respond to my invitation to accept the claims of the gospel.

To physicians and other medical personnel who go with Quiet Hour Ministries on a short-term mission trip, it means to actively use their hands and expertise to make a difference in improving the quality of life for the people being ministered to.

As I read the gospel accounts of read more

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In Haiti, the Displaced Are Left Clinging to the Edge

The article below found on the New York Times website mentions ADRA’s continued recovery work in Haiti.

Hundreds of families live on the median strip of a road in the Port-au-Prince area.

Hundreds of families live on the median strip of a road in the Port-au-Prince area.

PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti — Hundreds of displaced families live perilously in a single file of flimsy shanties planted along the median strip of a heavily congested coastal road here called the Route des Rails.

Vehicles rumble by day and night, blaring horns, kicking up dust and belching exhaust. Residents try to protect themselves by positioning tires as bumpers in front of their shacks but cars still hit, injure and sometimes kill them. Rarely does anybody stop to offer help, and Judith Guillaume, 23, often wonders why.

“Don’t they have a heart, or a suggestion?” asked Ms. Guillaume, who covers her children’s noses with her floral skirt when the diesel fumes get especially strong.

Six months after the earthquake that brought aid and attention here from around the world, the median-strip camp blends into the often numbing wretchedness of the post-disaster landscape. Only 28,000 of the 1.5 million Haitians displaced by the earthquake have moved into new homes, and the Port-au-Prince area remains a tableau of life in the ruins.

The tableau does contain a spectrum of circumstances: precarious, neglected encampments; planned tent cities with latrines, showers and clinics; debris-strewn neighborhoods where residents have returned to both intact and condemnable houses; and, here and there, gleaming new shelters or bulldozed territory for a city of the future.

But the government read more

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“The Mission Field is Wherever You Happen to Be” by Gerald Haeger

Perhaps the best Bible study I had during my recent trip to Peru happened on the flight between Seattle and Houston on my way to the mission field. Underline it: The mission field is wherever you happen to be when you meet people who need to know Jesus.

Continental Flight #166E from Seattle to Houston was a full flight. I had just settled into my window seat for the four hour flight when the lady who was to occupy the middle seat arrived. After exchanging smiles she settled herself, adjusting her seat belt, and began to relax. Having learned I do better if I share my name up front I turned to her and said, “Hello, my name is Gerald.” To which she said with a decided Spanish accent, “I’m Tony.” Because she had hesitated briefly I switched to Spanish, and immediately we connected. She smiled broadly, and said, “You speak Spanish.”

I quickly discovered she had come to Tacoma to visit her daughter who was in a high school program for the year with a special emphasis on English. The daughter had experienced some homesickness so Tony had come to see her and encourage her. She would like to come home, but she will finish the year first she indicated with a smile. Then she can come back to Mexico City, and that will be fine. I immediately liked this no nonsense mother who obviously loved her daughter with a kind of tough love.

Of course she wanted to know where I was going, and I told her I was on my way to participate in a mission trip to Trujillo, Peru. I asked her if she had ever heard of Seventh-day Adventists? “No,” she said, “Who are they, and how are they different from Catholics?” Within five minutes we were already well on the way to an exciting conversation. I spoke briefly of our common belief in Jesus and that we were both Christians. But, I continued, our name really emphasizes how we are different from Catholics.

“Adventist” means we not only believe Jesus came the first time as a baby, and lived here on this earth some 2,000 years ago, but he has promised Continue reading

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