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Global Missions: “I Needed to Hear This” by Margarita Moreno

As I arrived in Trujillo I did not know there were people waiting outside so I decided to wait inside for the next flight that was due in one hour. 

So as I waited there, I decided to go to the bathroom to fix my hair and I met the cleaning lady, and since there were no plugs inside we stood outside and I fix my hair as I shared with her the Love of Jesus.  She gave me all her information so she can be contacted for the meetings.  After a half hour I decided to sit close to a gentleman that was listening to our conversation.  I greeted him and he said “can you tell me more about Jesus?”  So I gladly did and also told him about the meetings, and he said ”I have to tell you something:  My wife called me at 6pm and asked me to come home, but I felt the need to stay a little longer; now I know why, the Holy Spirit was speaking to me. I needed to hear this.”  Then he said, “my marriage is at a point of separating, but I felt the need to wait a little longer, and this is why I am glad I did.  Can you tell me about tithes?  and the Sabbath?” So I did the flight was delayed one more hour and I was glad.  He said “I need to share with my wife why I stayed and we need to accept Jesus as our Savior.” 

The first Sabbath I was there the pastor took me to visit the tents, this one was set up at a park.  When I was there a woman came through walking they ask her if she would like them to pray with her, and of course she said yes.  As they took her into a private area she explained the need for prayer over a surgery that was coming up for her gallbladder.  I was introduced to her and we visit and I invited her to the meetings and she attended all the meeting and on Friday the last day she came to the front Continue reading

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Greatest Lessons Learned from My Peru Mission

The single greatest lesson learned from this experience: 

  • Age is not a factor when sharing Jesus. Hospitality comes from sharing what you have with love, not fancy food and table settings – Deanna Waters
  • Once again I see how God works in ways you would never imagine.
  • I can teach English to others. – Claus Essendrop
  • You need to step out of your comfort zones more often and see what God has in store for you.
  • We can be missionaries in our home town.
  • I’m God’s empty cup, let Him fill me. – Amanda Johnson
  • To be less judgmental about everything. (My job is always evaluating things) – Daniel Dreher
  • If you surrender all to God, He will use you. – Alissa Dreher
  • Many times, people just need to be asked to make a decision for Christ. – Lorna Dreher
  • People all over the world need missionaries like us to bring them the gospel of Jesus. – Denise Sumner
  • God has the power to work through someone like me, in all kinds of interesting situations, to bring light to the world. – Carol Bovee
  • I need to change my life now and stop waiting for some big thing to happen. – Andrea Griffitts
  • To rely on God to have everything work out. – Gregory Ringering
  • God always comes through no matter what the obstacles. – Greg Griffitts
  • God’s work is not easy, but very rewarding. – Caleb Parker
  • Adaptability. It’s probably not going to go exactly as I’ve planned, but according to God’s plan. – Hannah Roberts
  • Building the Kingdom is hard everywhere and yet God works when we pray and go in faith. – Bill Roberts
  • We can always grow and do more in the Lord’s work. – Jason Canfield
  • The importance of helping people to make commitments when it’s their time. – Millie Canfield
  • God loves everybody, He wants us to Share Him. – Enjoli Canfield
  • My need for personal devotion. – Jeff Wesslen
  • Respond to God’s call to go, whether next door or across the globe and He will bless your efforts. – Patrick Earl
  • The Holy Spirit is able to work best in our lives when we give Him complete control. Additionally, in order for my life to be balanced, I must plan and manage my time with God’s help. – Betty Carolyn Crayford

The things I liked best about this experience are: Continue reading

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Why Not Try This? …Learn from Where the Church Is Growing

“That will never work here because we are a different culture.”

“But have we ever tried some of the things they are doing that are working?”

“Well, maybe not, but I’m sure in a secular, affluent, materialistic, post-modern society that the things they do in Mexico and Peru and other places will never work.”

I was convinced once again, through my conversation with another self-fulfilling prophet of failure, that the greatest barrier to reaching American society with the Seventh-day Adventist message and movement is not in the minds of pre-Adventists but in the minds of some Adventists!

Since I’ve had the privilege of traveling to many parts of the world where the Adventist movement is growing rapidly, I have collected ideas and experimented with them back home in the US. Where they are used with flexibility they work here, too!

As this post is published I’m in Peru with 85 Americans, preaching in 52 sites throughout the city of Trujillo. Besides helping with soul winning I hope we are training soul winners for back home that have the faith to believe that God will use them to make a difference on both continents.

I will share (below) some of my sketchy notes about key lessons learned from several parts of the world. I encourage you to experiment with some of these ideas, or others you have picked up from Continue reading

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Peru 2010: Project Macedonia

On Wednesday, March 10, our first wave of NPUC missionaries arrived in Trujillo, Peru. The following day we had orientation with our group and the local church leaders and translators, leaving Friday for final preparations and site visits by each of the 20 teams. See more pictures at

Eleven teams of students from Northwest Adventist Academies (AAA-3, CAA- 1.5, CCA- 1, Milo- 1, PAA- 1.5, UCA-3) arrived March 17 to share Jesus and His Word with the city of Trujillo during their spring break. They joined our current teams, bringing the total number of short-term missionaries from the northwest to 85! See pictures at

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19 Cities in the world with
20 million people in the
21st century

While some say the world is flat, supercities are rising–vast, intensely urban hubs will radically redefine the world’s future macroeconomic and cultural landscape. Most of the world’s population right now lives and works in cities. Many more will. It’s critical to gain a truer understanding of what’s happening: the rise of supercities is the defining megatrend of the 21st century.

Click here for more data about major world cities.

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H.K.W.H.T.A.- Shawn Boonstra

“Our job is not to make secular people spiritual but to go after the secular people God is making spiritual. Paul says in 1 Corinthians 2:13-15 that spiritual things are spiritually discerned. God gets there first, then we are sent to connect the dots, to help them find what they’re already looking for. Desire of Ages page 349 tells us Jesus’ disciples ministered with Him, looking for interested hearers. They were not trying to interest the hearers but to find those God had already made interested. God wakes up the heart and then sends in the messenger (see Acts 2, 8, and 10) and God knew what message is needed to appeal to hearts at end of time, the Three Angels Message of Revelation 14:6-12.”

                                       – Shawn Boonstra, International Evangelist and Director/Speaker for It Is Written Television Program. Winning people to Jesus and the Adventist movement has been Shawn’s passion ever since he surrendered his heart to Jesus almost two decades ago. He is currently in Rome, Italy, preaching to people that God has already made interested and hungry for His message. He Knows What He’s Talking About (H.K.W.H.T.A.)

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It Is Written Evangelism in ROME!!!

Before I talk about Rome and the upcoming It Is Written evangelistic series, I want to make two observations about the recent earthquake in Haiti.

  1. It’s so sad to see how this tragedy has struck those who already were so poor and helpless to begin with. I’m very touched by how our Adventist church around the world has responded so swiftly and caringly. Even here in Italy our members are stepping up and donating. We’re indeed part of a great worldwide church family.
  2. Just think about this: In just a few minutes on that fateful day last week 200,000 lives were snuffed out. Wow! The power of mother earth! None of us who study the Bible should be surprised. And, friend, it’s just a small foretaste of the storm that’s coming upon our planet.

Now on to the Road to Rome… This evangelistic series is nothing less than amazing. Thinking about it gives me chills. I’m thankful that the leadership in Italy and at It Is Written came together and boldly decided to do what most people would consider sheer insanity: an evangelistic series in Rome.

This series will be such a boost to all the hard working members, missionaries, pastors, and evangelists around the world. If it can be done in Rome, it can be done anywhere.

Obviously, our enemy, Satan, is not going to let this happen without a fight. Let’s not forget that the enemy is very powerful, very crafty, very determined, and also very desperate because he knows he’s already lost the war. 

So here we are in Rome—dedicated wide-eyed church members and a bunch of devoted yet inexperienced pastors in terms of public evangelism. Kinda scary, huh? But we have nothing to fear because the Almighty God is on our side. Praise God!

This message is a passionate and heartfelt rallying call to you. As the battle for Jesus is Continue reading


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Media & Adventist Benefits- Haiti Earthquake Response

The 7.0 Haiti earthquake has dominated new stories since January 12, 2010. Tragic events like this can paralyze people around the globe with fear. But as Seventh-day Adventists Jesus told us how to respond 2,000 years ago. Every sign He gave us (see Matthew 24; Mark 13; Luke 21) is a reminder that He really is coming soon, an opportunity to help those in need, and a call to be less self-absorbed and more bold in our witness for Him.

Here are some helpful and/or inspiring links about the Haiti earthquake–

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Adventist to Population Ratios

In 1863 there was one Seventh-day Adventist for every 373,143 people in the world, so taking the gospel message to all the world seemed to be an overwhelming challenge. In less than 50 years, however—by 1900—we had one member for every 21,487 people! Another 50 years, 1950, and we had one for every 3,300. In 2000 there was one member for every 519 people. And by the end of 2007 it was one for every 429 people on earth. What amazing progress!

The church now claims almost 16 million members, or 25 to 30 million members if we count the children, as most churches do. We are no longer just an English-speaking church in North America. Spanish is now the church’s number one language. One third of the members live in Central and South America. One third lives in Africa. And the final third is divided up between North America, Australia, Europe, the Middle East, Asia, the former Soviet Union, and the rest of the world.

The Southern Africa-Indian Ocean Division now has one Adventist for every 68 people. Inter-America has one for every 90. South America has one for every 114. The East-Central African Division has one member for every 119 people. The North American Division has one member for every 319 people. In 18 countries Adventists make up more than 5 percent of the population. And in several countries Adventists are 10 percent or more of the population!

This is fantastic progress. We have much for which to be thankful. But before we pat ourselves too much on the back, let’s look at some other statistics: Continue reading

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H.K.W.H.T.A.- Homer Trecartin

“53 countries have more than 10,000 people for every Adventist. 20 countries have more than 100,000 people per Adventist. 10 countries report more than 1,000,000 people per Adventist.

Let me illustrate it another way. Let’s pretend we can climb the tallest building in South America and have all the people living in the South American Division file by one per second, single file, 24 hours a day. How often would we see a Seventh-day Adventist walk past? Every 1.9 minutes.

But if we climbed the Mount of Olives in Israel (or the mountains of Central Asia) we would have to wait 148 minutes (2.5 hours) between every Adventist. And if you came with me to Egypt and we sat on a pyramid and had the people of Egypt Continue reading

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