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Peru 2010 Update

We are gearing up for the next mission trip to Peru. God has blessed us with a “good” problem. So far we are counting on a total of 41 sites with an estimated 120 people. The teams for these sites will come from the following:

  • OR – 10
  • UC – 6
  • WWU – 1
  • Schools – 11
  • NPUC – 4
  • Misc. – 8

That’s great news, so what’s the problem? We only have about 20 confirmed translators.

So here’s where you can help!

If you speak Spanish or know someone who does and is interested in joining our mission trip. Please email

To learn more about the mission trip or to register for Peru go to our website at

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BMW – More Than Just a Fancy Car


Bicycle donation to the Cambodian Mission workers

When you hear the word BMW, you immediately may think of fancy cars. But I would like to introduce you to a different BMW: Bicycle Mission to the World. This pioneering mission group within Korean Church Association in the States has been actively at work abroad several times thus far, already having gone 18 times.

I began participating in this mission activity since 2007, this year, I have been to Cambodia and Vietnam.

In Cambodia, there is an orphanage run by an Adventist lay elder, Mr. Choi. There the missionary members established the base camp and gave medical treatment(including oriental medicine) and conducted evangelistic meetings morning and evening. Read More

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Southcenter Adventist Company

On Sabbath October 17, 2009 I had the privilege of meeting with one of our newer church plants in the Washington Conference, the Southcenter Adventist Company.

Here are a few of my observations from that wonderful experience–

  • Multi-cultural Group- “Since heaven will be multicultural we decided we ought to prepare for it here” one of the church leaders said with a smile. “Although many of us came from the Korean church we now represent many cultures and countries.” The pastor is Filipino, the elder if Chinese and the deacon is Korean. A number of other Asian, African and American groups are represented, all bringing something unique to the congregation. During the World Missions time in Sabbath School several members were able to tell direct personal stories of recent visits to relatives in China, etc.
  • Youthful, Family-focused Church– The congregation has a feeling of life and energy as infants, toddlers and adolescents participate in their children’s Sabbath School classes, the worship service and, of course, potluck. I had been asked specifically to preach about how to strengthen the home and family through family worship and other activities.
  • Warm and friendly– I was greeted by several young men at the door as I entered the church. The three Sabbath School adult groups all reached out to those who came a little late, inviting them to join their group. One young man who was in his fifth day off drugs Continue reading

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H.K.W.H.T.A.- Mark Finley, GC VP

“God will save every human that truly wants to be saved. But as far as we’re concerned, we need to operate under the assumption that every person is lost until he hears the gospel. And we can hasten the 2nd Coming, but there comes a point beyond which we cannot delay it.”

                                       — Mark Finley, Vice President of the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists. Mark Finley has preached over 150 evangelistics series in more than 80 countries in addition to preaching satellite NET series. For many years he also preached each week as the Director/Speaker for It Is Written TV Ministries. He has truly acted on his belief that everybody needs to hear the gospel. He Know What He’s Talking About (H.K.W.H.T.A).

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Alaska- North America’s Last Frontier Mission Field

Here is a great article by Judy Thomsen from the September 2009 issue of Adventist World magazine that highlights the challenges, possibilities and people in God’s work–

North America’s Last Frontier: All Alaska is a mission field; conditions on St. Lawrence Island present their own set of challenges.

Alaska is rich with unmistakable beauty. Majestic Mount McKinley; the dynamic, glaciated landscape and diverse wildlife of Denali National Park; miles of dense, lush forests and mountain ranges; hundreds of clear blue lakes and rivers; rich stores of natural resources; desolate tundra and windswept coastlines—it’s all there, and given intriguing names such as Yakutat, Knik, Skwentna, North Pole (a town), and 197½ Mile Creek. (Read more)

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How are Adventists in China?

Jan Paulsen, General Conference President, said recently “I am often asked, ‘How are our brothers and sisters in China?’ Now, I will be able to say — they are well and vibrant.” Here are three updates–

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More stories from the NPUC Missions website

More stories from Read about–

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More Than 800 Baptized

Thanks to a dedicated group of North Pacific Union missionaries who partnered with local efforts, hundreds of lives in the Dominican Republic are being transformed by the Holy Spirit.

During the past 12 months more than 16,000 people have been baptized in the Domican Republic. A group of more than 50 short-term missionaries from the NPUC experienced the front lines of the Gospel commission during recent evangelistic efforts in and around La Romana. As the volunteers return home they bring with them incredible personal accounts of the way God is working to change lives around the world. Thanks to their efforts more than 800 individuals have accepted Christ.

As part of the debriefing for our recent Dominican Mission Trip we asked each of our 56 participants “What is the Single Greatest Lesson You Learned on this Trip?” Here are a few of the responses–

  • As soon as all the world knows about Jesus he will come, so let’s keep spreading the word – Laurisa Pearson, mom of two 
  • God doesn’t need me to do His work, He could use anybody. God invites me to be part of His work not because He needs me, but because I need Him – Tim Williams, Youth Pastor Continue reading

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Dominican Mission 2009- Great Stories Headlines

Read some of the great stories from the most recent NPUC mission trip.

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Dominican Mission 2009 Stories

Our team of fifty-five has been spending 2.5 weeks in San Pedro de Macoris, Dominican Republic helping strengthen families, improve health and bringing the message of Jesus and His soon return to thirty sites around the city. Click on this link to read our stories.

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