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Lifelong Learning – What Not to Say, What to Say

There are so many tragedies in the world. Too many hurting people. The fires in Paradise are an example of this. How can we give comfort. What can we say to help and are there things we say that may hurt? Read some thoughts on What Not to Say, What to Say by Krystalynn Martin, vice principal for spiritual life at Auburn Adventist Academy.

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Media & Adventist Benefits- Merging of Religious Beliefs

“Can you believe in Jesus and in astrology? The answer is a resounding yes, according to a study that shows Americans’ beliefs to be more complex than might be expected…

For example, 25 percent of about 4,000 U.S. adults surveyed believe in reincarnation, the rebirth of the soul in another body. Among Christians, the number drops only slightly, to 22 percent.” Survey finds complexity in U.S. religious beliefs, Washington Post, Thursday, December 10, 2009.

For over a hundred years Seventh-day Adventists have been preaching (from Revelation 13 & 16) Continue reading


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Media & Adventist Benefits- White Collar Cults

Recently one of our northwest Seventh-day Adventist pastors went through a very difficult experience. He was encouraged by several friends to attend a weekend in Portland called “Foundations.” He paid the fee and attended but had such serious reservations about some of the process that he left early. He wrote down his experience and perspectives . Afterwards he started doing more research into “Foundations” and other related activities. He came across an article titled “White Collar Cults” and stated that even though the article was written over 15 years ago it described numerous parallels with what he had just experienced.

What becomes abundantly clear from these experiences is that many people are searching for answers to deep relationship and emotional challenges. The ultimate solution can only be found in a deeper relationship with Jesus and healthier relationships within the body of Christ, in spite of all its flaws. As Seventh-day Adventists we have the tremendous advantage of have inpired counsel to help us filter out false therapies and embrace those in harmony with the principles of the Bible. For those who have never read them I highly recommend the two-volume set of Mind, Character and Personality (read some chapters online at Google Books and see free online study guides here) which has inspired counsel and Chapters such as Heredity and Environment (Chap 17), Security in the Home (18), Christ deals with Minds (21), Selfishness and Self-centeredness (30), Infatuation and Blind Love (32), Guilt (48), Worry and Anxiety (50), Depression (52), Pain (55), Anger (56), Hatred and Revenge (57), Communication (62), Imagination (63), Emotional Needs (66), Rejection (69), Thought Habits (72), Mind Controlling Mind (78), Hypnotism and Its Dangers (79), Safe Mind Therapy (80), Dealing With Emotions (84) and Safe Mind Therapy (81). There is no need to be led astray in these last days.

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Alaska- North America’s Last Frontier Mission Field

Here is a great article by Judy Thomsen from the September 2009 issue of Adventist World magazine that highlights the challenges, possibilities and people in God’s work–

North America’s Last Frontier: All Alaska is a mission field; conditions on St. Lawrence Island present their own set of challenges.

Alaska is rich with unmistakable beauty. Majestic Mount McKinley; the dynamic, glaciated landscape and diverse wildlife of Denali National Park; miles of dense, lush forests and mountain ranges; hundreds of clear blue lakes and rivers; rich stores of natural resources; desolate tundra and windswept coastlines—it’s all there, and given intriguing names such as Yakutat, Knik, Skwentna, North Pole (a town), and 197½ Mile Creek. (Read more)

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Why Not Try This? … Thank God “All Scripture… is profitable…”

Have you ever wondered, perhaps not aloud, why God allowed some things into the Bible? Why was there a need for all those geneologies? Wouldn’t it be better if the Rich Man & Lazarus parable had been left out? Do we need the record of mass killings in the Old Testament? And why in the world was Colossians 2:16 included, especially when God knew that at the end of time there would be such vicious attacks against the seventh-day Sabbath? Continue reading

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Changed Lives: Can She Talk to Dead Spirits?

untitled1From the NPUC Changed Lives website.

I came in contact with a lady who, for sometime now, has been telling me that she can talk to the dead spirits. I listened and would just ask general questions like, “So where do you think those spirits are coming from?” and “Where do you think the voices are coming from?” I would gently try and let her know, as a Seventh-day Adventist Christian, what our belief of the dead was. She would ask me if I thought she was weird, or crazy, (she felt they were coming from God). I would say, “No, not at all.” I would tell her that I was a little concerned for her and she would ask me why, because she found comfort with them. I told her that I didn’t believe they came from God Continue reading

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What Works For Me In… Helping Those Who Grieve

When one of your members or friends has a heartbreaking tragedy what can you do- or not do- to help?  Please share your 2-3 paragraph ideas by clicking “Comment” below. Ginny Allen and her husband Dave (who taught Bible at Columbia Adventist Academy for years before he retired) lost their son in a tragic accident a few years ago. Ginny shares eleven insights on how to help in this recently published article in the Adventist Review- Click here to read “From Mourning to Morning” in the Adventist Review online.

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Changed Lives: Steve Castillo

Steve Castillo was sixteen and a half when he became a father, and now has eleven children living throughout the United States.

“I grew up in southern California in a godly family that went to church regularly and had family worship. I was baptized as a boy,” says Steve. “But when I hit my teen years I found out I was great at sports. This love gradually took me away from faithful Sabbath-keeping and spiritual interests.” Continue reading

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Advent Movements- NPUC Office Staff & The Great Controversy

Here is an email message circulated November 28, 2007 to the North Pacific Union Conference (NPUC) Staff from NPUC President Jere Patzer–

Dear Staff:

This evening we received word that Marcia Stanton, administrative assistant for the Trust Department, passed away at 7:37 p.m.  She was with us in worship Monday (which was her birthday) and then as a severe headache developed was rushed to the hospital where several hours of  unsuccessful surgery were performed in an attempt to stop a hemorrhage in her brain. Marcia is known and loved for her sweet spirit and dedicated service to the Lord and His Church. To say she will be missed is a great understatement. Additional information regarding a memorial service will be shared as it becomes available.

As I reflected on this latest tragedy I realized anew that we are living in the “land of the enemy”. We are indeed in a Great Cosmic Conflict.  As I told Bryce, we here at the NPUC seem to be particularly vulnerable almost as though the devil has painted a target around our office. During the last months we have been significantly impacted by: Continue reading

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Advent Movements- Terry Albrecht, Keith Waters, Erv Furne, Bruce Juhl, Karl Haffner, Hispanic Coordinators

  • Terry Albrecht, son of NPUC Evangelists Lyle & Peggy Albrecht, died unexpectedly September 19 in the Boise area from what is thought to be a brain aneurism. Let’s pray for all the family and put our hope in the resurrection.
  • Keith Waters to NPUC Associate Director, Education Department from Upper Columbia Conference Educational Superintendent
  • Erv Furne to Idaho Conference Ministerial Director in addition to pastoring Nampa, ID district
  • Bruce Juhl to hospital chaplaincy from Ministerial Director Idaho Conference and Caldwell, ID district
  • Continue reading

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