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Changed Lives – Heart for Christ

walla-walla-university-Willy-Logan-WikiAs you can imagine, the Walla Walla University Church is very active in young adult ministry with Pastor Troy Fitzgerald leading the charge. Below are two stories of what is happening in the lives of two students.

Megan is in the middle of a year of teaching service at the Delap Seventh-day Adventist School in Majuro next year. She first sensed a desire to make the choice to become a follower of Christ while in school at Rogers Elementary. Over the years the seeds of calling stirred in her throughout high school. After her first year at Walla Walla University, Megan made the decision to become a student missionary and chose to fully dedicate her life to God in baptism. Megan is a bright compassionate person who truly loves God with her heart and her life. There is no doubt she will shine bright in her service for Christ in the coming year.

Josiah is a young man who thrives on discovery and loves to master whatever he sets his hands to. He loves to play soccer, so he does not get to use his hands as much but he is a passionate believer in Christ He made the decision to follow Jesus in baptism and began the process of learning what it means to be a disciple. As an ardent student of God’s word he has demonstrated the gift of teaching and the boldness of the prophets of old. I fully expect to see Josiah preaching the gospel to thousands of people around the world in the very near future.

Praise God for His good and enduring work!

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Why Not Try This? – Pirates in the Pulpit

Business man with Pirate flag t-shirtSource: NAD Ministerial

Dear Ask a Seasoned Pastor: Some of my members have discovered the fact that most of the time I re-preach the sermons of other great preachers. I find that most of the congregation is being fed by these outstanding sermons. However they think that the sermons I preach should be my own creation. What do you think?

Borrow, Don’t Steal
Preparing sermons for years on end can sometimes be challenging and we all can use a little “help” every now and then. Sometimes the revelations shared in a sermon from another pastor can be an exciting diving board for me to plunge in and research for deeper content. In that regard, pastors can share and help each other. However, I would be concerned about simply repeating someone else’s content – word by word, line by line. Why? That could be an indication of laziness – taking the easy route rather than taking the time to seek “fresh manna” for myself. Sermonic regurgitation also blocks the Holy Spirit’s intentional message directed towards the specific needs of the congregation. The doctrine, reproof, correction and instruction that is needed in one congregation may not be what’s needed by another. One size sermons don’t necessarily fit all! Let’s embrace the creativity of the Spirit and take the time to listen to His unique messages for His unique churches.

Brenda Billingy is senior pastor of the Metropolitan Church in Hyattsville, Maryland and an associate director of NAD Ministerial

A Matter of Integrity
I see three problems with preaching the sermons of other preachers, even if they are outstanding. First is a problem of integrity. It is wrong to pass off the work of someone else as my own. Even though most sermons are not copyrighted, the same principle applies. It is a kind of theft to take someone’s work and present it as if it were mine. Of course, this problem is solved if Continue Reading…

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Before Robin Williams Shows Up in Your Sermon, Think Again

Robin-WilliamsThe suicide of Robin Williams has been dominating television and social media over the last week. The whole world seems to be affected by this in some way. Many people are saying that good is coming from this tragedy and more people are understanding the devastating effects of depression. The day after his death the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline saw the greatest number of calls in its history and there has been a surge in the number of people offering to volunteer as mental health advocates. But, before you decide to use Robin Williams as an illustration in your sermon, you may want to take a look at “Before Robin Williams Shows Up in Your Sermon, Think Again” from by .

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Momentum – Lift Him Up

logoby Terrance Taylor, Pastor of the Pasco Ephesus Seventh-day Adventist Church

I still believe in public evangelism. There is something about preparing the house of God and the people of God for the purpose of a specialized focus on the truths of God’s Word that energizes me. The principles of natural law of the harvest still hold true to the spiritual mission field, you reap what you sow. It has been my experience through this ministry opportunity that to discover that power of creativity in evangelism and how partnering with God is the only way to have success. I would briefly share what I’ve learned through this public evangelistic effort and how I will apply it to a future opportunity.

General Details About The Meeting

Our meeting was entitled “Lift Him Up”and we marketed it as a spring revival instead of an evangelistic meeting. We held our meetings at 7:00pm every night of the week except for Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday. We held our meetings in the multipurpose room with a stage and warm lighting. We planned for 50 people and maintained and average of 35 each night. The staff wore business casual with an uniformed black polo shirt with lanyard name tags. We offered children’s programing in a classroom adjacent to the meeting hall. We also provided a light snack after the meetings to engage conversation.

Spiritual Growth Among Leadership Is The Greatest Reward of Evangelism

It was my goal from the beginning of the planning stages to Continue reading

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Lifelong Learning – The 11th Hour

I173485607n our media centered world, we have high expectations of what we choose to see, where we choose to go, how we choose to worship. We can watch a three-hour movie with rapt attention, but it’s hard to sit still for a 30 minute sermon and the pastor is usually the one who gets the blame. “The worship service is never about the preacher. It’s about making connections: with God, with each other, and with the community.” It’s about communicating. How is this accomplished? Learn how in this article from Adventist Review entitled The 11th Hour  by Stephen Chavez.

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Peru 2014!

Tarapoto-studyingOn March 20, a total of 37 missionaries (including 9 students from Portland Adventist Academy and Upper Columbia Academy  as well as 12 SOULS NW students) arrived in Tarapoto, Peru to preach the gospel in 22 different churches. Communication has been difficult there, but Jason Worf, Director of SOULS NW, has been faithful in posting stories daily to his blog. Read about the wonderful, life changing things that are happening right now in Peru by clicking here.

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Momentum – WWU Student/Pastor Mentoring Program

3b006d59-fb78-4907-a2ac-2c67e9181c64Below are 2012-2013 year end reports and stories from theology students involved in the mentoring program at Walla Walla University.

Andrew Abbott:

This last school year at the College Place Village Church has been full of constructive activity and personal growth in ministry. My responsibilities this last year have included weekly visits to church members; preaching about twice a month at Village Church, the state penitentiary, or other churches; presenting devotionals for Blue Mountain TV, supervising the Youtube ministry for Village Church; attending weekly staff meetings; helping with the Collegiate Sabbath School; and playing music for church services and other church events. All of these duties have sharpened my public speaking, my interpersonal skills, my listening skills, my decision-making skills, and my creativity in ministry.

I have continued to hone the effectiveness of the Village Impact Youtube Channel by experimenting with different types of videos and looking into various marketing methods. We post Sabbath morning sermons each week, Gospel Outreach mission stories every other week, and promotional videos for church events about once a month. Facebook has been a very valuable asset in publicizing the videos, but I am also in the process of distributing pamphlets in the community. Through experimenting and observing, my team and I have found that short, casual video clips receive the most views. I find this insight encouraging, since it means that running a Youtube ministry is within the reach of the average, small church congregation. A church does not need thousands of dollars of equipment and a professional studio to attract people’s attention through internet videos. They can increase their web presence and spread the gospel with simple filming equipment and techniques.

One aspect of ministry at Village Church that has been very meaningful for me the past school year is the prison ministry. I found my first sermon appointment at the penitentiary to be a heart-warming, spiritually enlivening experience and one of the men testified that my sermon was a decisive factor in leading him to request baptism. Since then, I have preached there once a month and have found each visit a blessing. I have also enjoyed participating in the outreach team at Village Church. By making friends at the university and in the community, I have been able to Continue reading

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Why Not Try This? … Take a Closer Look at Revelation

I thought I had a pretty good grasp of the Book of Revelation. But when I took on a special project to study Revelation 12 and see if there was evidence of Historicism, I discovered some amazing things that have given me Continue reading


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What Works For Me In… Understanding How To Help Homosexuals & Their Families

Gary Blanchard (, Associate Pastor, Wenatchee, WA Seventh-day Adventist District (Upper Columbia Conference) shares tremendous insights in this article–


Sometime ago a friend of mine sent me a clip from the comic T.V. series “Family Guy” where Peter the man of the house gets injected with the “gay gene.” To the amazement of his family and friends, his mannerisms, clothing styles and of course sexual orientation changed almost instantly. Eventually though his family can’t take it anymore and want their “straight” dad back. So his son and dog drug him and take him to “Straight Camp.” While there Peter learns from his Christian coach that “Jesus hates many people but none more than homosexuals.”

What is most disturbing about this quote, even though it comes from a comedy show, is that many actually believe it. But in Leviticus 18:22 the Bible says Continue reading

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Media & Adventist Benefits- Merging of Religious Beliefs

“Can you believe in Jesus and in astrology? The answer is a resounding yes, according to a study that shows Americans’ beliefs to be more complex than might be expected…

For example, 25 percent of about 4,000 U.S. adults surveyed believe in reincarnation, the rebirth of the soul in another body. Among Christians, the number drops only slightly, to 22 percent.” Survey finds complexity in U.S. religious beliefs, Washington Post, Thursday, December 10, 2009.

For over a hundred years Seventh-day Adventists have been preaching (from Revelation 13 & 16) Continue reading


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