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Resources to Support Your Calling

Humans of Adventism Documentary and full playlist.
8 Tips for an Online Service Host
There Goes the Neighborhood: Yawning chasms continue to widen between red and blue, Black and white, rural and urban, rich and poor.
The Haystack TV: The Hub for Christian Millennials
Adventist Youth Leader: Spiritual Youth Leaders Resource Magazine
7 Ways to Celebrate Black History Month at Your Church
How one pastor uses TikTok to share with people how to be an anti-racist.
Politics and the Pulpit: A podcast by pastors for pastors
Resources for Talking to Children about the Coronavirus and Vaccine
Simple Live Streaming for Smaller Churches

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Sources for Free Visuals for Sermons

GC – High quality graphics to support your message provided by the General Conference Evangelism Department – A free design suite with a library of backgrounds – An artist share catalogue with an option to pay the photographer a few dollars for their photos or clip art – High resolution photographs for free with you attribute the photographer

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Resources to Support Your Calling

Eight Unexpected Consequences of the Post-Quarantine Church with Thom Rhainer

  • The revival of simple church
  • Major staff realignment
  • Attractional outreach will diminish
  • The growth of the micro-church
  • A new unchurched to reach
  • Ministry training will change drastically
  • Pastors will move to second and third chair roles
  • Acceleration of denominational decline

The Tithe Conundrum: What Percent of Adventists Return Tithe

How to Turn Off Work Thoughts During Your Free Time

How I Recovered from Burnout: 12 Keys to Get Back

Five Ways Churches will have Changed a Year from Now

A Model for Public Evangelism:
How family camp turned in to an evangelistic retreat that led to deeper commitments to Christ and openness to the Adventist Church.

Why You Shouldn’t Quit Ministry Now, Even Though You Feel Like It

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What to Do About Virtual Church – A Conversation Preview

In this video, pastors, tech experts, and worship leaders from around the North American Division discuss the challenges and opportunities of virtual worship ministry. You can watch a portion of the conversation here. The North American Division will make the full discussion available soon.

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Articles You May Have Missed

The pandemic is affecting us in so many different ways and there are many things to be aware of and continue learning about. Here are several articles you may have missed.

Guidelines for Reopening Churches

The Pandemic Needs to Go, But These Need to Stay

Adventists and the 1918 Influenza Pandemic

Mobile Intergenerational Bible Studies

Working with Kids Online

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Resources – 4 Steps for Reopening Churches Webinar

If you are considering reopening your church soon, don’t miss “4 Steps to Reopening Churches,” a free webinar presented tomorrow by Adventist Risk Management, Inc. and the North American Division.

Thursday, May 28, at 4:00 pm Eastern Time

Each webinar is limited to 500 attendees. Register today at

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Resources – Arise Online

Sign up in the next 4 days and receive this $800 program for free!

If you have ever wanted to take a college level Bible course that is presented in everyday language or just want to deepen your study in the Bible, this is for you!

Far from being a collection of random stories, the Bible is one big story of God’s faithful love for fallen humanity. ARISE Online is an interactive video course that lets you study your way through Scripture with a narrative lens. So whether you’re learning from home or with a small group from your church, you’ll discover that every character, doctrine, and theological tenet has its place in the story. And—maybe best of all—you’ll find your own place in the story.

This is a limited time offer. You must sign up at by April 26.

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Resources – An Introduction to Texting for Churches

Should your church text message members? Many pastors, church leaders, and ministers face the same problem: how to quickly communicate important information to your entire congregation. The emergence of numerous digital, mobile, and online communication channels has created a wide variety of digital options and tools that you can use to get your messages out and cut through the clutter of daily life. MORE

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Resources – Suicide Prevention

  1. National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: Call: 1-800-273-TALK (8255) OR Text “HOME” to 741741
  2. National Center for Injury Prevention and Control: Preventing Suicide: A Technical Package of Policy, Programs, and Practices
  3. Crisis Connections School Resources
  4. Recklessly Alive (website and blog by a once suicidal Christian millennial; great short videos to show at schools & churches for suicide awareness & hope)
  5. Cru (Christian website full of testimonies and suicide prevention resources)
  6. Suicide Prevention Workshops: at Western Seminary, email
  7. Suicide Prevention Resource Center (another rich suicide prevention resource specifically for faith communities wanting to do something!)
  8. Just Between Us
  9. The National Action Alliance for Suicide Prevention’s Faith, Hope, Life Campaign recognizes the broad range of faiths interested in praying for individuals who may be struggling with suicide or whose lives have been touched by suicide. Click here to download free resources to help your community participate in this event.
  10. The National Benevolent Association organizes peer groups for leaders that provide an opportunity to cultivate support and encouragement, mutual dialogue, spiritual renewal, and peer-to-peer learning. The NBA also offers a “Mental Health Initiative and Affinity Group,” which supports the prioritization of mental health and wellness in the life of the church, establishing the necessary awareness and understanding required to counter stigma, and change the landscape of conversation regarding mental illness and disorders within the church.
  11. The Center for Courage and Renewal provides programs that give those in ministry roles the opportunity to reflect and reconnect with their calling within an honest and non-judging community.
  12. The Soul Care Institute facilitates a two-year journey of a group of peers. Over the course of two years, students will ‘come away from the front lines’ of their ministries, work, and family life in order to engage in retreats that are designed to re-fill their souls for ministry.
  13. Gateway to Hope: A comprehensive, interactive training for empowering, educating and equipping clergy and peers with the tools to respond to those in distress and help build a community-based response to the mental health crisis our country faces.
  14. Celebrate Recovery offers 12-step healing group programs specifically for members of the clergy

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Resources – AdventistGiving App

The AdventistGiving App is a game changer for the local church. It provides easy access for member giving that is even more secure than the tithe envelop! Read more

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