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Why Not Try This? … Take a Closer Look at Revelation

I thought I had a pretty good grasp of the Book of Revelation. But when I took on a special project to study Revelation 12 and see if there was evidence of Historicism, I discovered some amazing things that have given me Continue reading


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Media & Adventist Benefits- Haiti Earthquake Response

The 7.0 Haiti earthquake has dominated new stories since January 12, 2010. Tragic events like this can paralyze people around the globe with fear. But as Seventh-day Adventists Jesus told us how to respond 2,000 years ago. Every sign He gave us (see Matthew 24; Mark 13; Luke 21) is a reminder that He really is coming soon, an opportunity to help those in need, and a call to be less self-absorbed and more bold in our witness for Him.

Here are some helpful and/or inspiring links about the Haiti earthquake–

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Lifelong Learning- 12 Great Online Resources

  1. Bible Prophecy Truth website– Amazing resources at your fingertips from from Amazing Facts.
  2. Ellen White Answers– Provides good research to answer attacks on Ellen White and her writings. Maintained by Professor Jud Lake from Southern Adventist University.
  3. Dwight Nelson Sermon Series on The Temple– (Aug-Dec 09). Includes hot topics such as Creation/Evolution, Homosexuality, Nostradamus, etc.
  4. The Bible and Evolution article– Outstanding, simplified evidence and reasoning believers can share with skeptics.
  5. Creation Sabbath Resources– Great stuff, even after the fact!
  6. The Liberty Blog– Great up-to-date analysis of Continue reading

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Why Not Try This? …Give Literature to Your Neighbors

Last Monday evening I rang the doorbells of twenty of my closest neighbors.

Was I nervous? Yes, even though I’ve done things like this hundreds of times before.

So why did I do it? Three main reasons.

  1. I really believe Jesus is coming soon and I want my neighbors to have the best chance possible to be ready for that universe-shattering event.
  2. During a recent Week of Prayer here at the NPUC office I updated my special prayer list. I asked God to impress me with who I should invite to accept Him as Savior and Lord, embrace all Bible truths and unite with a vibrant Adventist group. The Lord impressed me to list the names of many of my neighbors, some by name and others by description (“big boat neighbors”, “loud neighbors”, “new neighbors”, “borrowed ladder from neighbors”, etc.). As I have prayed for the people on the list, God has put a growing urgency in my heart to somehow connect with them.
  3. I have recently been reading Christian Service and came across statements like this–

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Media & Adventist Benefits- How do you spell “Laodicean”?

“Cool and collected, Kavya Shivashankar wrote out every word on her palm and always ended with a smile. The 13-year-old Kansas girl saved the biggest smile for last, when she rattled off the letters to “Laodicean” to become the nation’s spelling champion… After spelling the winning word, which means lukewarm or indifferent in religion or politics, Kavya got huge hugs from her father, mother and little sister.” “Kansas girl rides ‘Laodicean’ to National Spelling Bee victory” USA Today May 28, 2009.

How else do you spell “Laodicean”? See Revelation 3:14-22. For well over 100 years Seventh-day Adventists have had inspired counsel that tells us “Laodicean” means–

  • To have great Biblical light and many opportunities yet not appreciate them. (Review & Herald, March 11, 1902)
  • To be an “idler” in the Lord’s vineyard. (Manuscript 26, 1905)
  • To think one has all the truth, who takes pride in their knowledge of the Word of God, while its sanctifying power has not been felt in their lives.(Review & Herald July 23, 1889)
  • All who profess to keep the law of God, and yet are not doers of it. We are not to be selfish in anything. (Review & Herald Oct. 17, 1899).
  • Those whose religious experience is insipid, who do not bear decided witness in favor of the truth (Letter 98, 1901).
  • The ardor of the first love has lapsed into a selfish egotism. Continue reading

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Lifelong Learning- Outstanding Video Presentations

In January at the NAD Ministries Convention in Myrtle Beach, SC, there were a number of outstanding presentations. Here are two outstanding presentations that are worth watching.

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“Living the Hope” Free Soul Winning Resources Now Available Online

Looking for a great new 16 part reaping series? “Living With Hope” is now available FREE online (and later on the NAD Pastors DVD #16) at This 16-part Bible seminar sharing fundamental Seventh-day Adventist beliefs is a complete evangelistic toolkit including:

  • Sermon manuscripts & outlines
  • Editable sermon slides
  • Participant handouts
  • Marketing materials
  • Event manual
  • Evangelism training handbook

The topics covered are

  1. The Bible
  2. Trinity/God
  3. Salvation
  4. The Great Controversy
  5. The Second Coming Continue reading

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Media & Adventist Benefits- Swine Flu

Centers for Disease Control (CDC) Swine Flu website last updated April 28, 2009 11:00 AM ET


“The human swine flu outbreak continues to grow in the United States and internationally. Today, CDC reports additional cases of confirmed swine influenza and a number of hospitalizations of swine flu patients. Internationally, the situation is more serious too, with additional countries reporting confirmed cases of swine flu. In response to the intensifying outbreak, the World Health Organization raised the worldwide pandemic alert level to Phase 4External Web Site Policy.. A Phase 4 alert is characterized by confirmed person-to-person spread of a new influenza virus able to cause “community-level” outbreaks.” The increase in the pandemic alert phase indicates that the likelihood of a pandemic has increased.” Continue reading

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Why Not Try This? …Understand Why We Must Send Missionaries

(The first part of this two-part article is found at- “Why Not Try This? …Recognize How God Saves Those Without Scriptures.)

Since God provides so many ways for the world to know about Him and be saved without Bible Scriptures, why is it necessary to send missionaries? Why is it necessary for any believers to share their faith anywhere? Can’t God simply use these influences we have just studied to take the gospel to all the world in His own way and time?

Let’s look at another drowning analogy. Imagine that you are on an outing to the beach with a group from your local Seventh-day Adventist Church. You are enjoying the sun and the fun when you are interrupted by screams coming from the surf. Someone you recognize from your place of work has gone out too far and is in serious trouble. As you size up the dynamics of the situation you can choose what line of thought you want to follow. You can say to yourself, “I know that person and I believe if they died today they would be saved in heaven when Jesus returns. God knows they have had an adequate opportunity to accept Him. Besides, it’s dangerous out there in the ocean undercurrents. If someone else really wants to go help, let them go. I’m not dressed to go out into the water anyway. And there are much better swimmers here than I am. Besides, Continue reading

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H.K.W.H.T.A.- George Knight, (Retired) Professor of Church History, Andrews Seminary

“Adventist pastors no longer believe in the advent (return of Jesus the second time); they believe in retirement.”

          – George Knight, Retired Professor of Church History at the Andrews University Seventh-day Adventist Theological Seminary. In his characteristic “wake-up call” shock therapy, George told a group of Seventh-day Adventist pastors that they are spending far more time thinking and planning for retirement than for the second coming of Jesus. Much of this is because he believes many pastors have lost an Adventist understanding of the prophecies of Daniel and Revelation, and as a result, have also lost a sense of urgency to take the Adventist message to all the world in their generation. He discusses these issues in his most recent book, which he says is his most important- The Apocalyptic Vision and the Neutering of Adventism. He Knows What He’s Talking About (H.K.W.H.T.A.)

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