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Resources – Tech Resources that (Are Supposed to) Help the Church

iStock_000006429416_Largeby Pedro Trinidad
Source: NAD Ministerial

Lately I have been compiling a list of resources that can help pastors and church administrators to be more efficient. I get e-mails all the time from different ministries with resources that are supposed to lighten the load church leaders carry. Here are a few of the resources you may find helpful in your ministry. As a disclaimer, I have not used all of these tools – some just don’t fit my current context – but they sound so cool that I hope to use them sometime in the future. Some are free. Some are not. So here we go –  Read More

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Parenting Corner – Can We Value Family Too Much?

say goodbyeSome parents put such a high priority on their children that they make the mistake of removing everything from their lives that doesn’t directly benefit the kids. Sports, music, clubs, and activities fill the schedule, consuming every minute of their time. One dad said, “Judy and I felt stressed because of the busyness, but continued to press on, believing that we were doing the right thing. We then realized the problem we were creating in our children. They were becoming more selfish and we were encouraging it.” Take a moment and look at your life. If children are at the center, what are you teaching them? One way to help our children is to teach them that they aren’t the center of the universe, God is. In fact, as a family we must be serving, sharing, and giving to others. After all, it was Jesus who said, “Seek first the Kingdom of God and all these things will be added to you.” Matthew 6:33. When parents model sacrifice, children learn to care for others beside themselves. Take time in your family life to show hospitality to others, serve at church or in the community, pray for others, or even save up and give money to someone in need. Children learn a tremendous amount from these special family experiences, but most importantly, they learn to give up a little of their own selfishness, a lesson that will last forever.

“Say Goodbye to Whining, Complaining, and Bad Attitudes, In You and Your Kids.” Dr. Scoot Turansky & Joanne Miller, RN, BSN.

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Why Not Try This? …Train, Equip, Activate & Mentor Your Members in Soul Winning

The greatest shortage in God’s work is not money, time, materials or equipment. It is workers. Working workers. Two thousand years ago Jesus said “The harvest is great but the workers are few.” (Luke 10:2). That is still true today.

Jesus told us to ask the Lord of the harvest to throw out workers into His harvest. Then, through His interaction with the 12 (Luke 9) and later the 70  (Luke 10) He modeled how to develop these workers.  He gave them training, provided all the equipping they needed, activated them and sent them out into the harvest, and then for three years He provided on-going mentoring to help them become Christlike in their thinking, actions and ministry.

How would your congregations be better off if you had a clear plan to train, equip, activate and mentor your members in soul winning? In time would you see exponential, rather than numerical, growth? Would God send you more and more people because you were ready to help grow them? Would your members be better off at the end of next year spiritually than they are right now?

NPUC Conference and Union leaders have decided to make lay soul winning training, equipping, activating and mentoring a priority for several reasons– Continue reading


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Why Not Try This? … Give the “Ten Minutes More A Day” Challenge

I was preparing for my first church board meeting in my new district. What could I do to challenge the leaders and the entire church to a deeper walk with God? Then the simple idea hit me.

A few days later at the board meeting I said “I believe all of us want a deeper, closer walk with Jesus.” A few heads nodded and some eyes seemed to glaze over since they had heard this kind of talk many times before.

“This coming Sabbath I’m going to challenge everyone present to spend ten minutes more a day in personal Bible study and prayer for the next 30 days.” Now I had their attention. “Then a month later we’ll have a sharing time during the worship service about what God has been doing in our lives.”

“But you are the spiritual leaders of this church. So I would like to challenge you to spend twenty minutes more a day Continue reading

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Lifelong Learning- More Ministry Resources

Harold Cunningham, Ministerial Director of Georgia-Cumberland Conferernce, has a collection of ministry resources on his blog “Georgia Grown“.  These include–

  • Free Bible software for your Palm Pilot
  • Online resources to create your own daily newspaper
  • Assimilating new guests
  • Free audio Bibles
  • Free e-book on how Facebook is valuable for pastors
  • Tips for improving your sermon handout
  • And many more

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Why Not Try This?- Top Articles

If you missed them you might want to read them now. Here are the top five most viewed articles in the “Why Not Try This?” category during the past year. Please add your additional comments at the end of any of these posts–

  1. Why Not Try This? …Preach a Sermon on the Second Coming of Jesus
  2. Why Not Try This? …Clarify To Yourself And Your Members The Real Meaning Of Bible Baptism
  3. Why Not Try This? …Outline Your 2007 Calendar Soon
  4. Why Not Try This? …Ask God for a Bold Vision for 2008
  5. Why Not Try This? …Add a “Local & Global Mission” time to Your Sabbath Morning Service


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Why Not Try This? …Share Advice With A New Pastor to A New District

One of the mixed blessings of being a Seventh-day Adventist pastor is moving to a new district every four to seven years.[1] It’s often difficult to leave behind church family, friends and familiar surroundings. But it is a great time to also leave behind the mistakes of the previous district and take with you the lessons learned as you enjoy a start fresh in a new place.

 Here is advice I would give a newer pastor taking up responsibilities in a new district.


Dear –

Welcome to the next few years of your life!

Your new district will, of course, present both blessings and challenges. Since you have nicknamed me “Dan Landers” because I’m always giving advice, here is some unsolicited counsel that is worth every dollar you have paid for it! I leave it up to you to sort the “Duh, How dumb does he think I am” from the “Wow, I wish I would have known that years ago.”

As a brand new pastor in your brand new district you have the opportunity to plant the right kinds of seeds at the first that will give you a wonderful harvest during your ministry and long after you leave.

Top 10 Seeds to Plant in your First 100 Days[2] Continue reading

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Why Not Try This? …Ask God for a Bold Vision for 2008

 If you could ask God for something specific to happen in your district by the end of 2008, what would it be? Would your request center around buildings, the church school, young people, souls won, members mobilized in ministry or something else?

During the last few weeks I have intensified my prayer life, spent additional unhurried time in Bible study and reflection, talked with Godly leaders and asked God to help me. The Lord has clarified in my mind where to put my greatest efforts during this coming year here in the NPUC. We have about 93,000 members and more than 13 million people to share the Adventist message with.

It almost seems outrageous to share but I will. During 2008 I will work with conference leaders, churches, schools, institutions, pastors, teachers, lay leaders and young people to mobilize… Continue reading

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Why Not Try This? …Take a Nap

Sometimes the most spiritual thing you can do is take a nap!

Last June I was dramatically reminded of this. Danesa, our fourteen year old daughter, was graduating from eighth grade. The whole week was fast-paced. Then the weekend schedule went like this– Continue reading

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What Works For Me in… Keeping My Personal Time With God Meaningful

The church leader’s personal connection with God is the entire foundation of his/her ministry and calling. But when there are a million things pulling you in all directions how do you make time to bow down at the feet of your Savior and Lord and listen to Him? What have you found helpful in maintaining your walk with Jesus?

Kessia Reyne Bennett (Oregon Conference office staff member) writes–

I find that I need to make time for spiritual nourishment morning, noon, and night – but to be honest, I don’t like morning so much. I don’t know that I’ll ever be the saint that wakes at 4am for prayer and study. So Continue reading

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