New Churches & Companies in the NPUC

We rejoice whenever there is another church or company organized, because it is an additional point of contact with the community. At the same time we must remember that the Adventist mission calls for a vibrant Adventist group in every town, city and neighborhood.

For this to be accomplished there must be continued efforts by every organized church to start Adventist work in new areas every year.

Revelation 14:6-7  And I saw another angel fly in the midst of heaven, having the everlasting gospel to preach unto them that dwell on the earth, and to every nation, and kindred, and tongue, and people, Saying with a loud voice, Fear God, and give glory to him; for the hour of his judgment is come: and worship him that made heaven, and earth, and the sea, and the fountains of waters.

New Church or Company in the NPUC  Date of Organization Conference
Grace Russian 2021 OR
Hills and Valleys 2021 OR
Kotzebue 2021 AK
Missoula 2021 MT
South Anchorage 2021 AK
Yukon II 2021 AK
Bloom 2020 OR
Crosswalk PDX 2020 OR
Grants Pass Hispanic 2020 OR
Gresham 2G Hispanic 2020 OR
LifeBridge 2020 WA
Milwaukie 2G Hispanic 2020 OR
Portuguese 2020 WA
Seattle Chinese 2020 WA
Seattle Myanmar 2020 WA
South Whidbey Island 2020 WA
Bremerton Hispanic 2018 WA
Burien Hispanic 2018 WA
Everson Hispanic 2018 WA
Lynnwood Hispanic 2018 WA
Refuge 2018 WA
Auburn Hispanic 2017 WA
Lakewood Hispanic 2017 WA
Salem Nueva Esperanza 2017 OR
Dutch Harbor 2016 AK
Kobuk River Valley 2016 AK
Yukon Flats 2016 AK
Vivid 2016 OR
Beit Shalom Balevav Jewish-Adventist 2014 OR
Maple Valley SDA Company 2014 WA
Olympia Korean SDA Company 2014 WA
South Side Tacoma Samoan Church 2012 WA
Bremerton Hispanic Group 2013 WA
Healing Hope SDA Fellowship 2013 OR
Bothell Spanish Group 2011 WA
Lynnwood SDA Church 2011 WA
New Life Adventist Ministry 2011 WA
Cascade SDA Church 2010 OR
Kent Spanish SDA Company 2010 WA
Federal Way Russian Adventist Group 2010 WA
Lake Spokane Adventist Group 2010 UC
Marysville Spanish Company 2010 WA
Monroe Spanish Company 2010 WA
Tillamook Spanish Group 2010 OR
Newberg Spanish SDA Group 2010 OR
REMIX SDA Company 2010 OR
Spokane North View SDA Company 2010 UC
Anacortes Adv. Fellowship Company 2009 WA
Ethiopian SDA Company 2009 WA
Everett Russian SDA Group 2009 WA
Lighthouse Christian Fellowship 2009 WA
Southcenter SDA Church 2009 WA
Spokane Spanish Adventist Group 2009 UC
Rivers Edge SDA Company 2009 OR
Washington Indonesian Church 2009 WA
Independence Spanish SDA Company 2008 OR
Keizer Spanish SDA Company 2008 OR
Orient Adventist Fellowship Company 2008 UC
Portland City Center Sanctuary SDA Group 2008 OR
Beaverton Spanish SDA Company 2007 OR
Great Northern Adventist Company  2007 OR
Highline SDA Church 2007 WA
Hood River SDA Spanish Company 2007 UC
Living Hope Adventist Company 2007 UC
Monitor Spanish SDA Company 2007 OR
Oasis Christian Center Adventist Church 4/28/2007 OR
Olympia Spanish SDA Church 2007 WA
Oromo SDA Company 2007 OR
Tualatin SDA Company 2007 OR
Rathdrum Community Adventist Company 9/15/2007 UC
University Park Spanish SDA Group 2007 OR
West Plains Community SDA Church 2007 UC
White Center Spanish Adventist Church 2007 WA
Boise Central Adventist Church 8/21/2006 ID
Fort Belknap Adventist Company 10/7/2006 OR
Living Word SDA Church 2006 OR
Mosaic SDA Company 2006 OR
Ohana Christian Fellowship of SDA 2006 OR
Post Falls – Summit Northwest Ministries 2/4/2006 ID
Rathdrum Community SDA Company 2006 UC
Living Word Adventist Church 10/7/2006 OR
Spray Adventist Group 2006 UC
24-Seven SDA Ministry Center 2005 WA
Kelso-Longview Spanish SDA Group 2005 OR
Lewiston Orchards Eleventh Commandment 6/6/2005 MT
Mattawa Spanish Adventist Church 5/28/2005 UC
Medford Spanish SDA Church 4/16/2005 UC
Russian-Ukrainian Parousia SDA 2005 WA
Samoa Tokelau 2005 WA
Summit Northwest Ministries SDA Church 2005 UC
Tacoma Russian Center SDA Church 2005 WA
TurningPoint SDA Community Church 2005 OR
Walla Walla Spanish Adventist Company 5/31/2005 UC
Abundant Life Adventist Church 3/5/2005 OR
Boise Central Adventist Church 2004 ID
Eugene Korean SDA Church 1/1/2004 UC
Grandview Spanish Adventist Company 5/8/2004 UC
Gresham Spanish SDA Company 2004 OR
Kennewick Spanish Adventist Company 2/17/2004 UC
LifeSource Community Adventist Church 2/17/2004 UC
Mattawa Spanish Adventist Church 2004 UC
Sunnyside Spanish Adventist Church 2/17/2004 UC
The Reach Adventist Company 1/3/2004 UC
Salem Spanish SDA Church 10/11/2003 OR
Yakima Three Angels Spanish Adventist Church 6/7/2003 OR
LaPine SDA Church 5/10/2003 UC
Good News Fellowship Adventist 1/25/2003 OR
Anchor Point Adventist Church 2002 MT
Chehalis Spanish Company 2002 WA
Eugene Spanish SDA Church 2002 OR
Forest Grove Spanish SDA Church 2000 OR
Granger Spanish Adventist Church 1998 UC

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