NPUC Evangelists Rotation Schedule

How to schedule an NPUC evangelist for your church/district

  • If you are a church member, talk with your pastor.
  • If you are a pastor, talk with your conference evangelism coordinator.
  • If you are a non-NPUC conference evangelism coordinator, contact the NPUC evangelist about the possibility of an “Outside” meeting.

NPUC Conference Evangelism Coordinators

AlaskaMelvin Santos
IdahoDavid Prest
MontanaElden Ramirez
OregonTom Evans
Upper Columbia Mark Weir
WashingtonTyler Long

How this schedule is organized-

  1. Assigning Time Slots. Each local Conference Office Ministerial Dept. schedules according to following voted formula:
    • OR, UC, WA, Outside = 2/year;
    • ID, AK, MT = 1/year
    • TOTAL = 10/year
  2. Trading Time Slots. Any conference evangelism coordinator may trade time slots with another if they wish, as long as both inform the NPUC Ministerial Department. This should be done at least 16 months in advance.
  3. Assigning Districts. Each conference determines where the services of the evangelist will be most needed and/or productive. These assignments should be done at least 16 months in advance.
  4. Arranging Outside Meetings. NPUC evangelists can arrange meetings outside when contacted by non-NPUC conference evangelism coordinators. These arrangements should be made at least 16 months in advance. The NPUC office will then make contractual arrangements with the inviting conference.

2020 Schedule

Evangelistic Series Brian & Heidi McMahon
January/February UC Conference – Spokane Central
February/March AK Conference – Anchorage Citywide
April/May WA Conference – Puyallup/Auburn/Tacoma, WA
September/October MT Conference – Billings, MT
October/November UC Conference – East Wenatchee, WA

2021 Schedule

Evangelistic Series Brian & Heidi McMahon
January/February OR Conference – Salem, OR
February/March ID Conference – Twin Falls, ID
April/May WA Conference – Oak Harbor, WA
September/October UC Conference – Newport, WA/Priest River,ID/Diamond Lake, ID
October/November OR Conference – Stone Tower, OR

2022 Schedule

Evangelistic Series Brian & Heidi McMahon
January/FebruaryOutside – Hagerstown, MD
April/MayOR- Beaverton, OR
October/NovemberUC- Pasco, WA

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