Summer Ministerial Scholarship

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Conference Provisions:

  • Conference will provide an opportunity for a WWU theology student to do a ministerial internship in a local church for a period of 10-12 weeks during the summer.
  • Conference will submit the application form signed by WWU dean of school of theology, ministerial student and conference ministerial director to the NPUC ministerial Director.
  • After receiving funds from Church and NPUC, the Conference will send a total of $4,500 per student to the WWU School of Theology student account.

Local Church Provisions:

  • Reimbursement of actual ministry-related expenses as agreed to by the local church board.
  • Room and Board for student.
  • $1,500 towards student’s WWU bill. These funds need to be sent to the local conference before the 10 week period ends.

Walla Walla Theology Department Provisions:

  • Signature from the dean of the School of Theology.
  • $500.00 per student from the School of Theology for up to 7 students.

North Pacific Union Provisions:

  • Approval for individual applications coming from the conferences.
  • $1,500 per student for a maximum of 10 students per summer.
  • $1,500 towards student’s WWU bill. These funds need to be sent to the local conference before the 10 week period ends.

Student Provisions:

  • Minimum state-required auto insurance coverage if using a personal vehicle or if transporting people for church purposes. Student must be at least 21 years old and meet the NAD driver qualifications policy.
  • Ten to twelve weeks of ministerial activities as agreed to by the mentoring pastor and the church’s board.
  • Weekly ministerial activities reports to the local mentoring pastor.

Financial Responsibilities:

  • Local Church will send $1,500 to the Conference.
  • The NPUC will send $1,500 to the Conference.
  • Local Conference will add $1,500 to the funds received from the local church and NPUC and will send WWU School of Theology a total of $4,500 at the end of the 10-12 week period.
  • WWU School of Theology will add $500.00 for up to a total of 7 students.

Process to be followed:

  • Local pastor will notify conference of interest in hosting a Summer Ministerial WWU student.
  • Conference will confirm with local pastor whether Conference portion of funding is available.
  • Conference will confirm with NPUC whether Union portion of funding is available.
  • Union will confirm with WWU for availability of funds.
  • Funds from Church and NPUC should be received at the Conference Ministerial Office nearing the end of the 10-week program.
  • Conference will send $4,500 to WWU School of Theology directly to student’s account.

Suggested NPUC Budgeting & Deadlines

  • NPUC will provide up to 10 sponsorships per summer for a total of $15,000.
  • Sponsorship requests from conferences must be made annually no later than April 1, to the NPUC Ministerial Department.

Student Selection Process

  • Local Pastor and/or Church Board will interview prospective Junior & Senior theology students.
  • Selection of student is made by Church Board with action recorded in the board minutes and submitted to the Conference for approval.
  • Conference will prepare contract delineating ministry internship expectations for 10-12 weeks of ministerial work in the field.
  • This document must be signed by a) Dean of Walla Walla School of Theology b) The student, c) Conference Ministerial Director, d) Union Ministerial Director.

Job Description

  • Mentoring pastor and Conference Ministerial Department will provide the job description and define the tasks, experiences and expectations.
  • Student is under the supervision of the mentoring pastor for the duration of the 10-12 weeks period.
  • Student is responsible to the Conference for task assignments during the week of Camp Meeting.