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Media & Adventist Benefits- Lower the US Drinking Age?

Have you ever heard that “Prohibition [of alcohol] didn’t work”?

Did removing prohibition work? Look at the results in society where alcohol has clearly been involved- many broken homes, irresponsible and absent fathers, battered wives, molested and abused children, youth who have lost their virginity while drunk, binge drinking, fetal alcohol syndrome, millions on the welfare roles that wouldn’t be if alcohol were not a part of their lives or the lives of at least one parent, tens of thousands of alcohol-related deaths on the highways every year.

And now we’re told by a group of college and university presidents- the ones who should be warning young people of the serious dangers of alcohol and taking initiatives to protect them from it- that the answer is even less regulation.

Fortunately some are challenging this idea, just as Ellen White did over one hundred years ago. Note these comments in the New York Times, Christian Science Monitor and The Ministry of Healing below.

“It’s part of an educator’s job to spark debate, but a group of about 130 college presidents is on the wrong track with its suggestion that the nation reconsider the legal drinking age of 21. Continue reading

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