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Changed Lives: “Hi – I’m Allen, Alcoholic/Addict”

From NPUC Changed Lives

Hi. I’m Allen, alcoholic/addict. Of all the things I’ve lost, I miss my mind the most. Can’t remember much – that’s why I have to read this stuff to you off these pages. Besides, I’d be tempted to omit things if they weren’t staring me in the face.

Evil? I was the epitome of evil. Went online and ran a background check. Printer ran out of ink after seven pages. I’m not talking ancient history here – I’m talking six or seven years ago. Whatever I was in to, I couldn’t get enough. I was a first class glutton.

Money? I couldn’t get enough. Everything had a price – as much as traffic would bear. I wouldn’t even answer the phone unless there was something in it for me. I had to have things. Good things. The best of things. Fancy house. State of the art computer. Motorcycles. Guns – dozens of them, even though I wasn’t allowed to own them because of prior felonies. New 4×4 truck. Read More

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Changed Lives- Andrew Michell DVD

Andrew MIchell had a compulsion to steal. By the time he was sixteen he went to prison for ten years, the first two in solitary confinement. Today Andrew is in his late twenties, has a college degree, is a member of the Puyallup Seventh-day Adventist Church (WA Conf) and wants to share how Jesus transformed his life. Watch his testimony on the latest Northwest Spotlight on Mission (sent to all first elders and Sabbath School Superintendents in the NPUC) or online at http://www.npuc.org/article.php?id=340.

Let your friends watch about this amazing story by sending the email link above. There are five individual segments (4-9 minutes each)–

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H.K.W.H.T.A. – Morris Venden, Retired Pastor, Teacher & Author

You must be born again. You must be born again. You must be born again. There was something wrong with your first birth so you must be born again.”

                    — Morris Venden, Retired pastor, teacher and author to a group of Pacific Union College theology professors and students during the tensions of the Ford controversy in 1978-79.

A group had rented a facility off the campus (“so everyone can have freedom to speak their conscience”) and organized a “symposium” with each religion teacher given opportunity to present a “scholarly paper.” After a series of presentations of papers 20-30 pages long parsing the Greek and Hebrew, Morris Venden, at the time the college church pastor and teacher of one class, presented a 2 ½ page paper that began with the words above. For those of us present it was a simple and profound reminder that true Christianity is not about how smart or clever or deep you are but about how much we all need a complete change of heart and attitude before our awesome God.


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