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What Works For Me In… Improving the Nominating Committee Process

Improving the Nominating Committee Process:
Broadening our vision of volunteer support in the churchhappy_people
By: Curtis Rittenour, MDiv, is associate pastor, Spokane Valley, WA


Seventh-day Adventist churches often find the nominating committee (NC) process challenging. To find volunteers for ministries seems more difficult, leaders are burning out, new ministries flounder, members are unaware of their spiritual gifts, and some do not serve at all. We could also mention the power struggles, the need for clear ministry descriptions, the lack of training, the importance of affirming volunteers, and the missing element of ongoing support.

Hence, we need a broader view of strategic volunteer support. Placing people in service consists of more than getting a “Yes!” from a member and handing them a key to a Sabbath School classroom. People need to be guided into the ministry that matches their God-given gifts and then supported in that ministry. The NC does not (and was not meant to) “do it all.”

Here are 25 tips to broaden and strengthen the work of the NC. Some of these ideas precede committee work, some happen within the committee, and some are critical follow-up steps to help sustain members in their ministries.

Educate your board. If you plan to make changes in how you do the NC, educate your board, get their support and make moderate changes. Modifying the NC seems to be a hot button for some members. Misunderstandings can easily happen. Lay out a clear plan and proposal.

Train the NC. We assume everyone knows how to “do” the NC. But why not go  a step further? Cast a vision with you committee that helps them see the importance of matching members’ gifts with ministries. Discuss the importance of confidentiality. Guide them through tips that will help them know how to invite people into ministry. Continue reading


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