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Why Not Try This? …Become More Earth Friendly

Before you read this I recommend you read “Why Not Try This? …Explore the Bible Evidence for Balanced Environmentalism

Twelve Practical Steps for Adventists

Here are twelve practical steps an Adventist can take to be more earth friendly that are in harmony with our Fundamental Beliefs[1] and counsel we’ve been given as a church. Sure, they don’t show up on most of the lists of things you can do to be earth friendly. But they will have a greater impact because they are based in inspired counsel.

1) Do an intensive Bible study on God and His creation

  • a. How is this earth friendly? The foundation for all decisions in life for a Christ-follower is “What would please Jesus?” and “What does the Bible say?” Studying God’s word in a humble and teachable way on any subject allows the Holy Spirit to reprogram our thinking so it reflects the thoughts, ideas and attitudes of heaven. The Creator, Owner, Sustainer and Provider has placed in His word all that is needed to understand how to live a balanced, earth friendly lifestyle.
  • b. Related Adventist Fundamental Belief- #1 Holy Scriptures[2]
  • c. What is a simple first step I can take today?


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