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Lifelong Learning- Early December 08 Evangelism Councils

Need a boost in your soul winning mindset? How about that of your lay leaders? Here are three evangelism councils scheduled for early December–

  1. West Point of Evangelism- Simi Valley, CA, December 7-10, Theme: Fresh Wind, Fresh Fire. Click here for more info.
  2. Pastoral & Evangelism Council- Oakwood University, Huntsville, AL, December 7-10. Check Oakwood University website for more info.
  3. Southern Union Evangelism Council, Daytona Beach, FL, December 1-4. See details below. Continue reading

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Why Not Try This? …Check Out The New MOMENTUM! Website

Can you imagine a group of Adventist farmers arguing over which is most important- harvesting vs. planting, growing food vs. feeding people, praying for a good crop vs. getting out in the field to pick some produce? And all the while fields are waiting to be planted, cultivated, reaped and brought to market.

Can you imagine a group of Adventist believers arguing over which is most important- public evangelism vs. friendship evangelism, doctrines vs. Jesus, the need for more prayer vs. the need for more outreach, etc.

I’ve discovered in my ministry that all of these are false dichotomies. They are not either/or but both/and. We need it all! Farming takes an entire harvest cycle, and soul winning does too.

What does it take to integrate two harvest cycles a year into our churches, schools and Adventist institutions? Continue reading

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