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A Willingness to Tolerate (A Little Doctrinal) Error

purposepowerReflections from a recent Field school of Evangelism in Tacoma, WA

By William Simpson, one of the Andrews Seminary participants

Wouldn’t you think that when a guest attends nearly each of the 24 meetings they would accept the message and be baptized into the church? Roughly between ten and fifteen guests attended on a very regular basis but in the end decided against coming into the church. Some people where somewhat sporadic in attendance, but in the end they decided to be baptized and join the church. Why does attendance not necessarily dictate the final number of baptisms? One of my experiences offers a hint into this reality.

On opening night, he briskly marched in with Elton John-type shoes, a leopard skin shirt with a pinned on name tag, capris, and he was wearing thick rimmed glasses which were attached with a braided bungee strap. Continue reading

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