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Incredible Fall Soul Winning Highlights

WOW, what a soul-winning harvest cycle!

Check out these headlines and read more detailed notes below–

  1. “God Said… So What?” Spokane Momentum meetings 
  2. Montana Educator Becomes Evangelist
  3. Oregon Spanish MilAgro Plans and New Congregations
  4. Kalispell, MT Halversen Meetings
  5. Lessons from Discoveries 08
  6. WWU Professors Pray for their Students
  7. Vancouver Momentum Preparations
  8. Creative Chinese Evangelism
  9. Conference President & Trust Services Director Win Souls
  10. Staggered Double Header Approach Successful
  11. Your Bible Speaks Adds Dozens of New Members
  12. Alaksans “Share The Light”
  13. Vancouver, WA Revelation Seminar
  14. Canby, Oregon Reaping
  15. More Experiences at NPUC Momentum website

1. “God Said… So What?” Spokane Momentum meetings, were recently hosted at the Spokane Central Seventh-day Adventist Church for Metro Spokane. The powerful messages by Byron Corbett and John Bradshaw were captured for broadcast on the Hope Church Channel November 29-December 6, 2008 and are being packaged in DVD format for distribution free to every NPUC church and school in early January for use next spring. Baptisms and Interest follow up continue under the direction of Dave Livermore, coordinator, and area pastors. An on-going ministry in Spokane is the “WhyIQuitChurch.com” which includes a city bus (see photo), website and free tickets to a monthly showing of the film “Jesus save us from your followers.”

2. Montana Educator Becomes Evangelist. Here’s an email Archie Harris, Education & Youth Director for the Montana Conference, recently sent to all his teachers. “Dear Teachers, Tomorrow night (Wednesday) David Prest [Conference Ministerial Director] and I will finish our Evangelistic Meetings in Townsend. Continue reading

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Fourteen Soul Winning Highlights from the NPUC

  1. There were 35% more people baptized during Jan-Jun 2008 in the NPUC than there were the same period in 2007. PTL!
  2. Over half of Seventh-day Adventist churches in the NPUC had no baptisms/POF during Jan-Jun 2008.
  3. Our Top Ten Target City for Jul-Dec 2008 is Spokane, WA. Members have been praying and receiving training in how to give Bible studies, many Bible studies are in progress, and Byron Corbett & John Bradshaw will be teaming up to preach the eight meeting Momentum series in late October. The series will later appear on the Hope Channel and be provided to NPUC churches on DVD.
  4. Vancouver, WA is the Top Ten Target City for Jan-Jun 2009. Paul Johnson, Oregon Conference Evangelism Coordinator, has been meeting with area pastors to mobilize 300 prayer groups, Continue reading

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Why Not Try This? …Check Out The New MOMENTUM! Website

Can you imagine a group of Adventist farmers arguing over which is most important- harvesting vs. planting, growing food vs. feeding people, praying for a good crop vs. getting out in the field to pick some produce? And all the while fields are waiting to be planted, cultivated, reaped and brought to market.

Can you imagine a group of Adventist believers arguing over which is most important- public evangelism vs. friendship evangelism, doctrines vs. Jesus, the need for more prayer vs. the need for more outreach, etc.

I’ve discovered in my ministry that all of these are false dichotomies. They are not either/or but both/and. We need it all! Farming takes an entire harvest cycle, and soul winning does too.

What does it take to integrate two harvest cycles a year into our churches, schools and Adventist institutions? Continue reading

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